Faithful Families

Is your family joyful?  Author Dave Stone reflects on the fun days of his childhood and on his parents, who exuded what it means to live out their faith joyfully.

Pastor Dave Stone recalls how he rearranged his priorities to minister to his family first. View Show Notes →
Pastor Dave Stone talks to parents about teaching their children to be others-centered instead of self-centered. View Show Notes →
Is your family joyful? View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Dave Stone

Dave Stone is Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he preaches Truth to more than 21,000 people each weekend. He and his wife, Beth, have three children: Savannah, Sadie, and Sam, and a son-in-law, Patrick. Dave believes the most practical way to spread the gospel is through moms and dads who model a genuine faith for their children.