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Who will tell your children about the birds and the bees if you don’t? Mary Flo Ridley, a mother of three, encourages parents to start the conversation about “where babies come from” early with their children. Mary Flo Ridley shares an easy, natural approach to teaching your children about sex beginning when they’re very young. 

Why are we so uncomfortable talking about sex to our children? View Show Notes →
Who will tell your children about the birds and the bees if you don't? View Show Notes →

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Mary Flo Ridley

For years, Mary Flo Ridley has encouraged and equipped parents of young children to be successful in the daunting task of guiding their child’s sexual values.

Mary Flo developed her strategy when her own children were young. She searched to find resources that would help her answer her children’s questions and educate them about sex before they entered their teen years. Her research into the topic proved a disappointment. She did not agree with the messages that were out there, so she intentionally set about making a plan with her husband for how the topics of sex, babies, family, and privacy would be addressed in their family. Mary Flo noticed other parents struggling with the pressures of how to approach these sensitive topics, and decided it was important to give other parents the confidence to develop their own plan for what they want their children to know about sex.

She conducted her own research, interviewing parents, pediatricians, teachers and youth staff. The result was a unique message she uses to empower other parents to tackle what can be an overwhelming subject.

Sooner Than You Think in DallasThrough her live program, Sooner than you Think, and her published material, Simple Truths with Mary Flo Ridley and God’s Very Good Design, Mary Flo walks parents through very specific ways to answer their child’s early questions with confidence. She teaches them how to identify teachable moments, build their sex education message around their personal family values, and develop a positive plan for the pre-school to pre-teen years. As a result, parents become their child’s loving authority on the subject of sex.

She encourages parents to take advantage of their toddler’s natural curiosity instead of running from difficult questions. Her simple plan breaks the daunting task into six easy steps that she guides parents through to develop their message.

Mary Flo now speaks at various parenting venues and conferences. Her message has also been featured on a number of radio programs.