Granny Camp

Hear how grandmother Anne Dierks invented Granny Camp to help build memories with her grandkids

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Meet Series Guests

Anne Dierks

Anne Dierks is the mother of four children and the grandmother of fourteen grandchildren--four boys and ten girls.

After hosting her own grandchildren for a week each summer for over a decade, she has become an expert as the "Camp Director" in a unique experience she calls "Granny Camp."

She has had no formal training as a teacher, nurse, art instructor, song director, coach, or cook. What she does have is a heart's desire to find a way to know her grandchildren through good clean fun and old-fashioned activities. She found it through "Granny Camp."

From her years of experience, she would like to share with you how to impact your own grandchildren just like she has done. She believes LOVE is the key to the success of this endeavor, and she wants other grandparents to pass their love to their grandchildren with the best adventure of their lives.