How a Man Prays for His Family

John Yates, a father of five and rector of Falls Church Episcopal Church in Falls Church, VA, gives men some valuable tips for praying for their family.

Men want to do things they feel they can do well. John Yates breaks down the simple nature of prayer and how a man's prayer life blesses his family. View Show Notes →
Many men struggle with praying. John Yates discusses why men struggle, steps to help, and how it can affect their whole lives. View Show Notes →
Pastor John Yates tells of the benefits of praying for and with his wife on a daily basis. View Show Notes →
John Yates gives men some valuable tips for praying for their family. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

John Yates

After over 50 years of pastoral ministry John Yates recently retired from his role as founding pastor of the Falls Church Anglican in Northern Virginia. Originally from North Carolina, John and Susan Yates have served churches in SouthCarolina and Pennsylvania but most of their 52 years of marriage and ministry have been in Virginia. They have a large family including 21 grandchildren. Between the two of them they have published around 20 books mostly on dynamics of Christian family life and they still speak and teach frequently.John is a pastor to many young pastors particularly in the emerging movement of Anglican churches. The story of their 40 years ministry in our nation’s capital is told in The Awakening of Washington’s Church by Josh Simmons.