Ideas For Celebrating Easter 5

Why We Celebrate Easter

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter, but do our friends and neighbors know that by the way we celebrate? Barbara Rainey encourages Christians to find ways to make their Easter celebrations special.

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Ideas For Celebrating Easter 4

Setting the Easter Table

Barbara Rainey, a wife, mother, and grandmother, shares easy ways to make the holiday meal more meaningful this Easter.

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Ideas For Celebrating Easter 3

Celebrating Easter

Barbara Rainey encourages believers to keep Christ’s death, burial and resurrection at the forefront of their Easter celebrations.

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Ideas For Celebrating Easter 2

Remembering the Resurrection

Barbara Rainey reminds us of Jesus’ commandment to remember His death. With that in mind, Rainey believes Christians should make a big deal out of Easter, and she offers some ideas on how to do just that.

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Ideas For Celebrating Easter 1

Making the Most of Easter

When raising her family, Barbara Rainey always wanted to make Easter significant. Now an empty-nester, Rainey considers the meaning behind Passover and the beauty of celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

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