Love Renewed: Scott and Sherry Jennings

When Scott and Sherry Jennings married in college, all they needed was love. Fourteen years later, their feelings had morphed into anger, deceit, and adultery. Find out how a couple moves from love to hate … and back to love.

Scott Jennings had hit rock bottom. He'd left his wife, lost his job, and been dumped by his mistress. View Show Notes →
After more than a decade of marriage, Scott Jennings had fully developed the art of lying to his wife. View Show Notes →
Find out how a couple moves from love to hate ... and back to love. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Scott and Sherry Jennings

Scott and Sherry Jennings’ marriage ended in divorce on the day of their 14th wedding anniversary. Through God’s great redemption and grace, they are remarried and serving passionately as FamilyLife Homebuilder Catalysts. Their first encounter with FamilyLife was at its Weekend to Remember in 2005 in Philadelphia, two months after their divorce. At this getaway, they learned how they had broken their marriage with their control issues, alcoholism, adultery and drug abuse; the weekend equipped them to move intentionally toward healing and oneness; changing their lives, marriage and legacy.

Scott currently serves as the Pastor of Marriage and Family Life at The Bridge in Princeton, NC, with Sherry alongside him part time. They have one son, Steven, and enjoy any time they can get walking the beach and playing with their dogs as a family. They remain grateful to God and FamilyLife for the journey they are on together and humbled that God chooses to use their brokenness for His glory. To learn more about Scott & Sherry, or to connect with them, please visit