Moral Purity in Marriage

A common misconception in Christian culture is that unmarried people are the ones that need to remain pure before marriage. Once you’re married, it’s not a problem. Dr. Russell Moore confronts this lie, saying sexual temptation is a demonic response against the holy sexual intimacy in your healthy marriage. He elaborates on some ways to protect marital fidelity, and exposes pornography as poison for marital intimacy.

Romance And Sex Day 3

Pornography: Poisoning Marital Intimacy

Dr. Russell Moore exposes the evil of pornography.

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Romance And Sex Day 2

Purifying the Marriage Bed

Dr. Russell Moore discusses maintaining marital fidelity.

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Romance And Sex Day 1

Purity: Not Just for the Unmarried

Dr. Russell Moore says you WILL encounter sexual temptation in your marriage.

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