Now That We're A Family: Elisha And Kathryn Voetberg

Whether this you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, your struggles postpartum might be the same: Sleep deprivation. Healing. Body insecurity. Lack of sex. Expectations. Caring for yourself. Keeping a tiny human alive. Hormones.

Kathryn and Elisha Voetberg provide ideas to navigate the biggest challenges of bringing a child into the world. View Show Notes →
Elisha and Kathryn Voetberg, podcast hosts of Now that We're a Family, offer ideas to actively build a family of purpose and beautiful simplicity. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Elisha And Kathryn Voetberg

Elisha and Kathryn Voetberg are devoted parents of five children who provide resources and opportunities to help families tie heart strings and intentionally strengthen family bonds at Their passion for encouraging vibrant friendships with those closest to home, was born out of a common thread they found growing up in their own big, relationship rich families (10 and 11 kids!). Elisha and Kathryn also host the Now That We’re a Family Podcast.