Once Upon a Time

Authors Jennie Bishop and Susan Henson talk about their new books for tweens.

What would a beautiful princess do with a gift she could only give once—her first kiss? View Show Notes →
A beautiful princess received a priceless gift when she was born—her first kiss. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Jennie Bishop

Jennie Bishop, a farm girl from Ohio, was formerly an editor for Warner press and is a home-schooling mom who has authored several children’s books, including the bestseller The Princess and the Kiss. Jennie has enjoyed writing since she was a child. She says her first venture into the world of publishing came in elementary school when her piano teacher ran off some copies of stories Jennie had written for distribution to classmates.

A music and drama major in college, Jennie intended to go on Broadway. Instead, while traveling as a musician with her husband, she took her computer with her, writing stories about her experiences. She says time with her family is a priority now and fits writing in around a homeschool schedule and ministry work.

Jennie’s best-known books deal with issues of purity and family. The Princess and the Kiss is a parable on the topic of purity that is appropriate even for young children. Jennie explains that the idea for this book came when her daughter arrived home one day from kindergarten and announced, “Mom, all my girlfriends have boyfriends. I need one, too.”

Since the publication of The Princess and the Kiss, Jennie has also written The Squire and the Scroll for boys, along with companion Life Lessons devotionals for each of these children’s stories based on purity. Her latest book, The Garden Wall, presents a model for friendship and marriage based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Jennie has also founded a ministry called PurityWorks which teaches strategies for Planned Purity to parents and families all over the world through conferences, speaking engagements, partnerships and relief efforts in countries like the Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania.

Jennie lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Randy, and their two daughters. More information about her books and efforts is available through www.purityworks.org and www.jenniebishop.com.

Susan Henson

Susan is a pastor's wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, and author. She also serves part time on the "Revive Our Hearts" staff. Susan has three grown children and two grandchildren who are her inspiriation.