Imagine hiding a secret for 21 years. That’s how long Bill Harbeck was married before he told his wife about his past sexual abuse. Sexual abuse survivor Bill Harbeck talks about the idyllic life he led as a child of the 50’s and 60’s and the predator that gradually cornered him into a web of lies and secrets. Bill shares how he brought his secret to the light and the steps he took to find healing for his life and marriage.

Imagine hiding a secret for 21 years. View Show Notes →
Seventy percent of abuse victims are abused before the age of 17. View Show Notes →
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Meet Series Guests

Bill Harbeck

Bill Harbeck is a thirty year veteran of Christian Education.  In that period he taught many grades through college, administrated as principal, and coached boys and girls at all levels.  He has a passion to see that children and adults wounded by abuse hear a message of hope.  He shares his story across the country encouraging the wounded to come out from the shadows and face the lies they have come to believe.