Singleness Redefined

Hear single author Carolyn Leutwiler share her views on what the single life is and isn’t.

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Carolyn Leutwiler

Carolyn Leutwiler is single. BUT, this no longer defines her! In her past, she was overwhelmed by a range of emotions, perspectives, and opinions on singleness. These experiences and the struggles of her single girlfriends caused her to consider how the Lord's Word speaks to single women. This led her on a journey of Scripture study and prayer, and ultimately to the penning of her first book.

Carolyn is currently pursuing her MDiv at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Prior to this, she lived in Manhattan and worked at Redeemer Presbyterian Church while pursuing opera and writing. Carolyn has led several Bible studies and seminars and has enjoyed various interviewing opportunities related to her book. As well as spending time with family and friends, Carolyn enjoys a variety of activities, including traveling, hiking, and cooking.