Treasures in the Dark

Andy and Nikki Bray, directors of FamilyLife New Zealand, talk to Dennis Rainey.

Andy and Nikki Bray talk candidly about the tragic flash flood that took the life of the their oldest daughter, Natasha, at the age of 16. View Show Notes →
Andy and Nikki, directors of FamilyLife New Zealand, realize their marriage and family are a miracle from God. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Andy and Nikki Bray

Andy and Nikki are the Directors of FamilyLife in New Zealand. Having joined FamilyLife officially in 1994 they have years of experience in the area of marriage and parenting. They are speakers for our FamilyLife live events and they have authored 2 books Treasures in the Darkness and First things First. Nikki is also a weekly presenter for New Zealand's Radio Rhema.

In 2008 Nikki was awarded Mother of the Year by TV3 and Kiwi Families. Both Andy and Nikki are recent recipients of the New Zealand Christian Network Unsung Heroes Award 2013, in the marriage and family category, presented at Parliament on August 27th.

They are parents to Olivia and Ben. They have a 3rd child, Natasha, who died tragically at 16 years old in the Mangatepopo River Tragedy. Natasha's story is recorded on the DVD Jumping in Puddles.