Weekend to Remember® Getaway Sampler

Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine share highlights from the Weekend to Remember® marriage conference.

Improving Communication 2

Improving Communication, Part 2

If you are struggling with communication in your marriage, the solution might be to work on your listening skills.

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Improving Communication 1

Improving Communication, Part 1

Even if you have a degree in communication, you still may need a remedial course when it comes to communicating with your spouse.

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Resolving Conflict 3

Resolving Conflict, Part 3

When conflict happens, forgiveness is a crucial step toward reconciliation in every marriage relationship.

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Resolving Conflict 2

Resolving Conflict, Part 2

How we deal with anger affects generations.

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Resolving Conflict 1

Resolving Conflict, Part 1

When a couple experiences conflict in their marriage, how they resolve that conflict affects more than just the marriage.

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Marital Intimacy 3

Marital Intimacy, Part 3

Sometimes the sexual differences between men and women feel like a cruel joke.

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Marital Intimacy 2

Marital Intimacy, Part 2

If you don’t have a strong, healthy, loving relationship in marriage outside the bedroom, you’re not going to be able to manufacture that kind of strong, healthy, loving relationship when you come together for marital intimacy.

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Marital Intimacy 1

Marital Intimacy, Part 1

Marital intimacy is more like a thermometer than a thermostat.

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Threats To Oneness 3

Threats to Oneness, Part 2

Even if a couple stays together for decades, if they are merely living under the same roof, they’re missing out on the blessing God has intended marriage to be.

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Drifting Apart Day 1

Threats to Oneness, Part 1

What would happen if you built a house with two different sets of blueprints, two different architects, and two different builders constructing the house?

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