Prayers for Parents

Day 25: Valuing All People

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
—John 13:35

A story circulated on social media about a little girl who picked out a new doll with a skin color different from her own. The cashier at the toy store questioned the child’s choice and asked if she was sure that was the doll she wanted. The little girl responded with an emphatic “yes!” The cashier, obviously troubled, protested, “But she doesn’t look like you.” Without much thought, the little girl retorted, “Yes, she does! She’s a doctor; I’m a doctor! She’s a pretty girl, and I’m a pretty girl.”

Most children do not regard outward appearances the way adults do or give credence to stereotypes. Generally speaking, children accept people who are different from themselves. But even if they don’t, they can be taught to value the dignity of all people. In “Children Learn What They Live,” poet Dorothy Law Nolte wrote, “If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.” Likewise, if children live with bigotry, they learn to hate.

As parents, we should think carefully about what we are teaching our children about valuing all people, about how we are—or aren’t—modeling an attitude of love and respect toward all God’s image bearers. God has a diverse family by design and for His glory. We can model for our children what it looks like to dwell together in unity (see Psalm 133:1). And we can show them by example how we, as God’s diverse family, can value one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, and above all, love one another.

Prayers for parents
  • Thank God for creating all people in His image and for sending His Son, Jesus, to give His life for us all.
  • Ask God to help you reject bigotry of any kind and love others as God loves you, without conditions or partiality.
  • Pray that you will model for your children understanding, respect, and love toward all of God’s image bearers.
  • Ask God to expand your family’s circle of friends to include people who may be different from you so that your children will be encouraged to do the same, and pray they will learn from you what it looks like to “have love for one another.”