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back to normal

Back to Normal: 4 Things My Family Needs

As states reopen and life attempts to go back to normal, I’m reevaluating my family’s needs. But what I’m finding isn’t necessarily a beach vacation.
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As States Begin Reopening, 4 Ways to Pray

Does the idea of states reopening make you rejoice? Or cause you worry? Whichever side you are on, here are a few ways we can all pray.
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stressed kids

Stressed Kids: 4 Questions to Ask Them

School closings, changes to home and learning routines, and anxious parents. Right now, even the most resilient children can turn into stressed kids.
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changed for the better

Changed for the Better: How to Keep the Good...

Sometimes bad circumstances bring about future good. And for many families, their lives have been changed for the better by the quarantine.
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when your spouse faces a layoff

When Your Spouse Faces a Layoff: 5 Ways to H...

When your spouse faces a layoff, hold back on the cliché, this-is-what-you-should-do responses. Instead, here are five ways to help.
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ways to help others

10 Ways to Help Others in Quarantine

I'll admit my first priority when the quarantine began wasn't to find ways to bless others. But I'm reminded of Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors.
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staying close

Staying Close When You Can’t Be Together

Maintaining friendships when you can't be together isn't easy. Now, thanks to a pandemic and nationwide shutdown, all our friendships feel long distance.
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Working With Kids at Home During COVID-19

Working With Kids at Home During COVID-19

Crusted cereal bowls. Kitchen counter desks. Bed sheet forts just out of conference call camera view...How do we keep up working with kids at home?
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How to Homeschool During Quarantine

How to Homeschool During Quarantine

Even if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, you can trust your instincts about what your child needs. No one knows your child like you do.
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Grieve From a Distance

When a Pandemic Forces You to Grieve From a...

As the coronavirus claims lives, we wonder how to grieve from a distance. Usually we find comfort in community. What do you do when you face death alone?
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caring at a distance

Comforting and Caring at a Distance During Q...

What does comforting a loved one and caring at a distance look like during the quarantine? For starters, find ways to make your compassion unmissable.
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social distancing

Is Social Distancing Causing Distance in You...

Quarantines, social distancing and health hypervigilance have us out of our routines and comfort zones, causing a host of emotions erupting in marriage.
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reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress While Stuck at Home: 7...

Being shut-in during the pandemic only intensifies the anxiety we feel. Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress while you’re stuck at home.
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new normal

My Family’s New Normal Is Anything But Nor...

Since the coronavirus quarantine hijacked our lives, I feel frazzled. It's hard to focus on anything when everything is on me in this new normal.
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older couple outside with their back to us, arms around each other

Whatever Bad Happens, I Choose Us

You can’t know everything that’s going to happen in marriage, but you can decide ahead of time how to handle it with the promise in your vows: I choose us.
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coronavirus divorce statistic

4 Ways to Not Be a Coronavirus Divorce Stati...

A recent article predicted a rise in divorces due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Here are four ways you can avoid becoming a coronavirus divorce statistic.
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blended families in quarantine

Without an Escape: Blended Families in Quara...

I worry about blended families in quarantine where emotions are being processed in a place that doesn’t feel safe. For stepchildren and stepparents alike.
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sick and tired

Sick and Tired? Don’t Take It Out on Your...

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, being sick and tired together sucks the fondness right out. But this quarantine means we're stuck in this together.
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Grieving the Quarantine Life

As I sit at the beginning of another week, grieving the quarantine, it’s clear: we don’t like feeling out of control. This new normal comes with loss.
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losing patience

Losing Your Patience At Home? 5 Tips for Fin...

Finding patience at home is one of the hardest parts of this quarantine life. My impatience grows as my cabin fever increases.
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date night in

10 Date Night In Ideas for When You Can’t...

Any semblance of date night just got drop-kicked out the door. But with a little commitment you can still make time together. 10 date-ins get you started.
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fear of death

When You Can’t Shake the Legitimate Fe...

The threat of COVID-19 has forced us to face the fear of death. It has become real: human life is fragile. But you can control the fear.
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Talking to your kids about the coronavirus

Talking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus

As COVID-19 shutdowns continued, we realized ongoing conversations with our kids were a must. But first, we needed to talk to each other.
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Quarantined Together: Can Your Marriage Take...

This time of being quarantined is challenging! One surprising aspect might be how hard it is to adjust to being together 24/7.
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family meal

8 Ways to Embrace the New Norm of Family Din...

With more COVID-19 closures, families are gathering at home and around the table again. If it’s been awhile, here's insight on making family dinners work.
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How to Face a Layoff

"It’s a layoff. Your position has been eliminated." I felt stunned. Betrayed. Embarrassed. Expendable. Insignificant. Angry. Terrified.
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