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proud people vs. broken people

Proud People vs. Broken People


Of Moths and Memory


“Why Would God Let Me Get Pregnant?”


When You Become the Thing You Hate

brokenness- the heart god revives

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives


Is Prayer Your First Response?


In the Silence


Giving Thanks in All Things


Praying Backwards


Does Prayer Really Do Any Good


How a Man Learns to Pray

four principles of praying for your family

Four Principles of Praying for Your Family

charles colson- a life well lived

Charles Colson: A Life Well Lived

the secret to building a great marriage and family

The Secret to Building a Great Marriage and Family


20 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

6 tips on joining a church community

6 Tips on Joining a Church Community

building relationships that will last a lifetime

Building Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime

god has not forgotten you

God Has Not Forgotten You: A 31-Day Devotional

what's your passion

What's Your Passion?

why am i not happy

Why Am I Not Happy?

when god-given pleasures become bad

When God-Given Pleasures Become Bad

if you want more, you must be faithful in little

If You Want More, You Must be Faithful in Little


Living Within the Limits


Living in the Smile of the Father

overcoming discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

10 Ideas Reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit

10 Ideas: Reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit


The 87-year-old Missionary


‘As Long as You’re Breathing, There’s Hope’

20 ideas for encouraging others

20 Ideas for Encouraging Others

gardening is good for the soul right

Gardening Is Good for the Soul, Right?

getting unstuck

Getting Unstuck

god asks us to be intolerant

God Asks Us to be Intolerant

gratitude is a choice

Gratitude Is a Choice

great things happen when we dream

Great Things Happen When We Dream

hearing the voice of god in the storm

Hearing the Voice of God in the Storm

i don't want to be normal

‘I Don’t Want to Be Normal’

it takes courage to stand for the truth of gods word

It Takes Courage to Stand for the Truth of God's Word

pulling weeds from the garden of our lives

Pulling Weeds from the Garden of Our Lives

old stories with a new connection

Old Stories With a New Connection

three gospel resolutions

Three Gospel Resolutions

remembering god in the mundane events of the day

Remembering God in the Mundane Events of the Day

running to win

Running to Win

remembering the lessons of 9-11

Remembering the Lessons of 9/11

three uncommon goals for a new year

Three Uncommon Goals for a New Year

the thorny guestions nobody wants to face

The "Thorny" Questions Nobody Wants to Face

the seven nonnegotiables

The Seven Non-Negotiables

the choice between cursing and blessing

The Choice Between Cursing and Blessing

the beehive hairdo

The Beehive Hairdo

struggling with temptations and fantasies

Struggling With Temptations and Fantasies

the god of second chances

The God of Second Chances

the price we pay when we complain

The Price We Pay When We Complain

the paths we choose

The Paths We Choose

the hand that guides

The Hand That Guides

i thought christianity was a joke

I Thought Christianity Was a Joke

a commitment to truth means defending the oppressed

A Commitment to Truth Means Defending the Oppressed

the workout for the spiritual body part 2

A Workout for the Spiritual Body (Part Two)

an incredible woman who lived for christ

An "Incredible Woman" Who Lived for Christ

anatomy of a grumbler

Anatomy of a Grumbler

anticipating deathbed regrets

Anticipating Deathbed Regrets

are you accountable to anyone

Are You Accountable to Anyone?

are you hearing lions

Are You Hearing Lions Roar? You Should Be …

are you in a rut

Are You Tired of Being in a Rut?

attitude check do you have a heart problem

Attitude Check - Do You Have a Heart Problem?

can faith survive in a post christian culture

Can Faith Survive in a Post-Christian Culture?

tidings of joy

Tidings of Joy

top dog

Top Dog

can God use us

Can God Use Us?

are you ready to be a mentor

Are You Ready to Be a Mentor?

a legacy of spiritual multiplication

A Legacy of Spiritual Multiplication

a mighty legacy

A Mighty Legacy

chaos in kenya confidence in god

Chaos in Kenya, Confidence in God

divine appointments

Divine Appointments

confronting a friend

Confronting a Friend

equipping couples for lifelong love

Equipping Couples for Lifelong Love

families change families

Families Change Families

explore has transformed my life

Explore Has Transformed My Life

hanging by a thread

Hanging by a Thread

is your home open to others

Is Your Home Open to Others?

would I hope in god

Would I Hope in God?

just asking

Just Asking

strengthening marriage in our church

Strengthening Marriages in Our Church

sharing the good news of jesus christ through your life

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ Through Your Life

reaching out through passport to purity

Reaching Out Through Passport2Purity®

passionate about helping marriage in our church

Passionate About Helping Marriages in Our Church

reaching the divorce generation

Reaching the Divorce Generation

my favorite compliment

My Favorite Compliment

mentoring is not a luxury

Mentoring is Not a Luxury, But a Necessity

my stubborn rude mean loving friend named cucu

My Stubborn, Rude, Mean, Loving Friend Named Cucu

now hiring

Now Hiring

the dos and don'ts of mentoring

The Dos and Don'ts of Mentoring

the impact of the art of marriage

The Impact of The Art of Marriage

the only life worth living

The Only Life Worth Living

the lived-out gospel

The Lived-Out Gospel

the right tool at the right time

The Right Tool at the Right Time

will you become a homebuilder

Will You Become a HomeBuilder?

what are you wearing

What Are You Wearing?

will you make a difference in the life of a child

Will You Make a Difference in the Life of a Child?

three ways to improve your connection capacity

Three Ways to Improve Your Connection Capacity

between now and not yet

Between Now and Not Yet

how do you change a sour attitude

How Do You Change a Sour Attitude?

confessing the attitudes of my heart

Confessing the Attitudes of My Heart

young couples need your help

Young Couples Need Your Help!

how to know christ personally

How to Know Christ Personally


"Daddy, I'm Scared"

my struggle with unbelief

My Struggle With Unbelief

her world was broken

Her World Was Broken

giving hope to others

Giving Hope to Others

it all began with one step

It All Began With One Step

no more marriage casualties

No More Marriage Casualties


Building Strong Loving Relationships

what would it take to make you happy

What Would It Take to Make You Happy?

To Know Him Is to Love Him

To Know Him Is to Love Him

no cinderella story

No Cinderella Story

10 ideas do you have a healthy heart

10 Ideas: Do You Have a Healthy Heart?

what it means to be good

What it Means to be Good

unanswered prayer

Unanswered Prayer

the legacy of an ordinary woman

The Legacy of an Ordinary Woman

reaching out with the love of christ

Reaching Out - With the Love of Christ

what about the fatherless families

What About the Fatherless Families?

we started by checking a box

We Started by Checking a Box

only god can change a heart

Only God Can Change a Heart

helping those who hurt

Helping Those Who Hurt

don't touch my stuff

Don't Touch My Stuff!

fierce storms and fresh reminders

Fierce Storms and Fresh Reminders

You can't help but be changed

"You Can't Help but Be Changed"

stripping away your pride

Stripping Away Your Pride


Pastoral Ministry: A Sure Way to Be Dishonored

i need a mentor

I Needed a Mentor

created for intimacy

Created for Intimacy

I surrended almost all

I Surrender Almost All

Two Traps to Avoid: If Only and What If

Two Traps to Avoid: “If Only” and “What If?”

the value of accountability

The Value of Accountability

10 ideas preparing your heart for a smooth move

10 Ideas: Preparing Your Heart for a Smooth Move

7 ways to pull out of a slump

7 Ways to Pull Out of a Slump

the workout for the spiritual body part 1

A Workout for the Spiritual Body

reaching out with compassion

Reaching Out with Compassion

a life-changing weekend

A Life-Changing Weekend


Surprised by The Art of Marriage

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