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8 Lies That Destroy Marriage

Every wrong behavior begins with believing a lie.

Superglue Your Marriage

The world's "50/50 Plan" for marriage is destined for failure. God's plan calls for something much greater.

Walking With God in Your Marriage

These seven spiritual disciplines will help you build your house on the rock-solid foundation of Jesus Christ.

Start a new family tradition this year.

With The Messiah Mystery, teach your kids how all of history turns on the coming of Christ.

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Having a Marriage Without Regrets, Part 1 1/19/12

If our marriages are going to flourish, we must know God's standard for success. Kay Arthur tells the secret of holding a marriage together.

Emotional Affairs 9/6/07

Author Gary Thomas talks about the emotional affair that threatened to destroy his marriage until God's truth redirected his course.

Esteeming Marriage 4/7/14

Across America, there is a new awareness of the importance of the marriage covenant. Dennis Rainey says that now, more than ever, we must articulately and compassionately defend marriage.

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