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Their Marriage Had No Hope

They had no idea what the God of hope was about to do.

The Lost Decade

Mike and Pam Calvert’s story shows that broken homes and broken marriages can be put back together again.

The Judge Kicked Them Out of Divorce Court

Tom and Maureen Santacroce wanted to stay together. They just didn’t know how.

Start a new family tradition this year.

With The Messiah Mystery, teach your kids how all of history turns on the coming of Christ.

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Love Renewed with David Bentall 12/12/05

David Bentall, founder of Next Step Advisors, talks openly with Dennis Rainey about the marital problems he and his wife, Alison, faced during the first 22 years of their marriage as he focused all of his energy into his career.

Our Marriage Dreams Were Broken 9/2/13

Sandy and Cheryl Spangler tell how their relationship blossomed after they first met, but when Cheryl realized she was pregnant, they reluctantly married. Hear how God changed their hearts and their marriage one attitude at a time.

The Five Best Reasons Not to Divorce 12/16/05

Pastor Gary Richmond has heard every excuse in the book. People divorce and say, "Someday God will forgive me for this." Divorce is not the only option. Tune in for today's broadcast for a frank, insider's discussion about the divorce decision.

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