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40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children

Here's a list of values and character traits that helped us focus on biblical priorities in our parenting.

Getting to the Heart of Your Child’s Behavior

Too many parents focus on changing a child's behavior. More important is what's going on in the child's heart.

Memories That Bind a Family

Your most valuable family possessions are the shared experiences and memories that link your hearts together.

Start a new family tradition this year.

With The Messiah Mystery, teach your kids how all of history turns on the coming of Christ.

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Introducing Passport2Purity® 5/14/12

Join us as we roll out the red carpet for the release of the all new Passport2Purity®, a resource that will help you guide your son or daughter through the challenges of puberty.

Resisting Peer Pressure: Avoiding the Herd 5/15/12

Dennis and Barbara Rainey encourage parents to prepare their sons and daughters for the peer pressure they'll face by taking them on a Passport2Purity weekend getaway.

Discussing the Facts of Life 5/16/12

Dennis and Barbara Rainey tell how the Passport2Purity kit can be a valuable resource in teaching your sons and daughters the facts of life.

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