Candid. That’s one word to describe children. Kids generally say what they think. That undeveloped filter may turn your face red in public at times, but it can come in handy when you want to know what they really think about you.

For Father’s Day, we thought it would be a kick to hear what kids of various ages have to say about their dads. Turns out, kids think dads are pretty darn special. So dads, this one is for you. For your enjoyment and encouragement, read what these kids had to say about their favorite guy in the world.

1. Why do you think Dad is cool?

“Because I can beat him at games.” — Matthew, age 13

“Because he is super fun.” —  Kendra, age 15

“He is very good at just about everything.” — Jayden, age 16

“He follows what God tells him to do. He spends time with us.” —  Tanner, age 11

“He lets us sleep in … sometimes.” — Tirzah, age 14

“He lets me stay up late for one-on-one movie nights.” — Sebastian, age 17

“He takes me out on dates.” — Shylah and Tirzah, ages 13 and 14

“Because he’s good at stuff.” — Zoey, age 5

“Cause he is.” — Beckett, age 2

“Because he holds me.” — Betsy, age 4

“He’s a good role model.” — Emily, age 13

“He’s loving.” — Bethany, age 7

“He takes good care of us. He takes me on daddy-daughter dates.” — Cate, age 4

“He wears hats.” — Mary, age 9

“He loves me forever no matter what.” — Cameron, age 7

2. When is Dad the funniest?

“Always.” — Kendra, age 15

“When we talk about biology, anatomy, and physiology.” — Matthew, age 13

“He is funny all the time.” — Tanner, age 11

“When he is commentating on hallmark.” — Tirzah, age 14

“When he’s around a campfire with a bunch of guys.” — Sebastian, age 17

“When I say something funny, or something like that.” — Zoey, age 5

“Cause he does … uh, nifty galifty.” — Beckett, age 2

“When I tickle him on the hips because that is his tickle spot.” — Audrey, age 7

“Because he tickles me.” — Betsy, age 4

“When he’s with his brother.” — Aaron, age 16

“When he laughs at his own jokes.” — Emily, age 13

“When he is singing.” — Lucy, age 11

“My dad is funny almost all the time. He does silly stuff and we like to wrestle.” — Cate, age 4

“When he kneels down and asks us to dance.” — Mary, age 9

“When he tickles me.” — Cameron, age 7

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3. What is something Dad is really good at?

“Working on cars.” — Matthew, age 13

“Making time for others.” — Jayden, age 16

“He is good at his job, spending time with us, telling us about God, being nice to people, and loving my mom.” — Tanner, age 11

“Cooking stir fry and grilling burgers.” — Tirzah, age 14

“Anything he puts his mind to.” — Sebastian, age 17

“Finding stuff.” — Zoey, age 5

“Puzzles. He’s good at the fire truck puzzle and the dinosaur puzzle.” — Beckett, age 2

“Basketball.” — Audrey, age 7

“Dancing.” — Betsy, age 4

“Being the best Poppy and softball and making bacon and getting the mail.” — Lucy, age 11

“Being nice, pitching us balls.” — Mary, age 9

“Good at being a Dad.” — Bethany, age 7

“My dad is really good at pushing me on the swing, cooking stuff, and fixing things.” — Cate, age 4

“Loving others.” — Emily, age 13

4. What is something your dad always tells you?

“That I’m a woman.” — Norah, age 2

I love you.”  — Kendra, age 15

“Be nice.” — Matthew, age 13

“I’m proud of you.” — Sebastian, age 17

“Wake up. Time for devos.” — Shylah, age 13

“Funny stuff sometimes.” — Zoey, age 5

“No. He tells me ‘No’ when I go to timeout in the dark and cry.” — Beckett, age 2

“Remember that I will always love you even when you don’t see me.” — Audrey, age 7

“To have fun, be safe, and make wise decisions.” — Aaron, age 16

“Unicorns live in San Diego.” — Lucy, age 11

“Did you know I love you?” — Cameron, age 7

“I’m his pretty princess.” — Sarah, age 7

“You’ll be aight [slang for alright].” — Josie, age 12

5. What’s the best Father’s Day gift for your dad?

“Tickets to see Michael Jr.” — Jayden, age 16

“Tools for working on the cars.” — Matthew, age 13

“Time, fishing stuff.” — Tanner, age 11

“Words of encouragement and a new car.” — Tirzah, age 14

“A Jeep Wrangler.” — Shylah, age 13

“A picture, like a leaf craft picture.” — Zoey, age 5

“That Daddy gets some presents for me!” — Norah, age 2

“A big chapter book that he could read.” — Audrey, age 7

“Peanuts.” — Betsy, age 4

“Hobby stuff we can do as a family.” — Aaron, age 16

“The best gift for my dad is something I make. This year I’m going to make him a book.” — Cate, age 4

“A hug.” — Lucy, age 11

“Love.” — Cameron, age 7

“Probably some snacks, a shirt that he would like, some nice cologne. Maybe Raisinets?” — Josie, age 12

They love you for who you are, Dad. On the good days and the bad, the Lord will supply you with all you need to love them. Happy Father’s Day!

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