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Love That Lasts

Even though marriage may not always be easy, we know it is doable! But we also need help once in a while. Love that Lasts – a new, free eBook for couples – can be a part of that help whenever you or someone you know needs a little boost. 

It’s filled with gritty, real-life stories written by people who have seen hard times in their marriage and made it through. And practical, down-to-earth advice on how to get there yourself. 

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This is a meaty downloadable eBook full of actionable ideas and aha-moments to help you connect and get to the heart of what matters to you and your spouse.

With a few nudges in the right direction, a closer, more fulfilling marriage can start here … with this free download.

We created this download to give you lots of tips and ideas to help you create a romantic summer for you and your spouse.

Free Devotionals

This 10-day devotional, Unshaken, will be rest for your weary soul in this time. No matter what is happening around you or how unsteady the world feels, God is our sure and stable foundation.

This devotional is a week’s worth of opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual growth that can help you really dig into issues that we all face.

This Advent Devotional covers one topic each week: generosity, reconciliation, relationship, and restoration.

This special 7-day devotional was written to help you understand God’s happily ever after for your marriage.

This devotional is a fun, free, 4-week series to help couples and families actively explore biblical precepts of communication, kindness, service, and gratitude day by day.

Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily is two weeks of daily devotionals that are written specifically for blended families.

It is our hope that our eBook, Miracle Marriage, will help you strengthen the bonds of love between you and your spouse, and with God.

The Oneness Prayer Challenge is a tool to help you start a habit of taking up to five minutes a day, for 30 days, to pray together as husband and wife. With this email subscription, you’ll receive a short devotional and a set of prayers every day.

To help you pray for your child’s growth in godly character, we’ve put together a series of 7 days of devotional prayer cards that we want to give you for free. Each day, you can use one of the cards to pray for faith, wisdom, integrity and more as your child develops into a godly young man or woman.

In our Parenting Prayer Challenge, we encourage you to pray for your children for 5 minutes a day. To help you with this, we’ll send you free daily prompts via email to help you pray specifically.

This four-part devotional will help you learn more about Savior whose birth we celebrate. Available on the FamilyLife app, each section focuses on one of the Advent names of Christ to help you learn more about why He came to earth.

Free Downloads

With a few nudges in the right direction, a closer, more fulfilling marriage can start here … with this free download.

This is a meaty downloadable eBook full of actionable ideas and aha-moments to help you connect and get to the heart of what matters to you and your spouse.

We created this download to give you lots of tips and ideas to help you create a romantic summer for you and your spouse.

How we can comfort, encourage and bear one another’s burdens from afar? We’ve put together a free collection of suggestions and tips to help you care for others at a distance.

How do we face grief without the usual markers of a house of mourning–our churches, communities, families? We hope Grieving from a Distance will help you work through this difficult time.

This year, we fiercely need the reminder of our true hope; of the power of the One who raised Jesus from the dead, who has authority over all things. So we’ve got a virtual basket of free resources to help you celebrate Easter at home.

It’s safe to say your homebound family has landed in an odd “homecation” like no other. In this free download, you can assess your soul-care quotient and get tips for communicating your need for more peace. You’ll also find fun family memory-making ideas.

We hope you’ll find this free eBook for couples helpful whenever you or someone you know needs a little boost.

This free printable offers questions will lead you and your love down memory lane.  And will evoke adorable responses from your children.

This dual component exercise—one couples activity plus one family activity—will inspire you to plan your family’s future.

Cultivate the character trait of gratitude in your children with this ebook full of fun family activities. 

This ebook contains tips and activities to help your family grow closer and reignite thankfulness.

We’ve created this fun and engaging ebook to encourage you and your family during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

Turn the fun experience of carving pumpkins into a creative, hands-on activity for sharing the gospel message with your children.

In Galatians 5:22-23, God has given us a process to evaluate our spiritual condition. Reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit guides you through these verses with 10 diagnostic questions to help you assess how spiritually healthy you are.

Our eBook, 5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Full Even When the Nest is Empty, is full of practical tips to help you let go, connect with your spouse, and focus on God during what can be a difficult transition.

4 Weeks of School Prayer is a 4-week calendar of daily prompts to pray with your student, as well as lunchbox notes to remind your student to pray on their own throughout the day.

Be encouraged in your marriage with insightful commentary , biblical principles and actionable truths for a fruitful marriage.

Capitalizing on natural creativity and inventiveness, we’ve compiled pages of ideas for an unforgettable summer, reminding your kids they can have fun in their own backyard.

Full of creative ideas for your kids, these cards encourage outdoor play, growing community, acts of service, and even strengthen some long-distance relationships.

We want to encourage you with our new eBook, Marriage Life Raft – For Your Marriage or Someone You Love

With these Father’s Day fill-in-the-blank printables, we want to help you create a special gift for a dad in your life.

Our Stronger Forever Plan offers you a choice of three marriage “tracks” designed for your personal relationship goals. 

The Summer Date Pack offers encouragement to focus on your spouse.  In it you’ll find creative ways to write a love note, date night ideas, conversation starters and more!

To help you find specific ways to make your spouse feel loved every day, we’ve put together a guide with all our favorite tips for everyday romance, including love letter guidelines, romantic conversation starters, and a daily checklist of easy ways to cherish your spouse daily.

With useful tips, ideas and biblical reminders, our free ebook, Celebrate Christmas, covers a wide range of topics to help you prepare for Christmas.

FamilyLife CEO David Robbins created the Family Values Exercise — a tool to help you wisely prepare for the decisions and transitions that will affect the next stage of your family’s life.

Stepfamilies have their own unique triumphs and joys, as well as challenges and needs. We want to encourage you with with our ebook, The Thriving Blended Family. We hope it that will help you strengthen your family relationships.

There’s no doubt about it – going back to school each year seems to get harder and harder! That’s why we made these prayer guides to help you pray for your kids each day they are at school.

In our eBook, You Asked It, we give you actionable steps towards resolving conflict, defeating isolation, increasing romance and defining the roles of a husband and a wife in a godly marriage.

To help you reignite the flame and excitement in your marriage, we’ve put together a guide called 15 Tips to Romance Your Spouse. These 15 free and fun ideas will encourage you to pursue your spouse with creative notes, sweet gestures, and romantic words.

Download a free discussion guide for the book True Identity to foster conversation between you and your child and help him or her apply biblical concepts to their life.

Written for high-schoolers, True Identity will help readers think about what–and who–really defines them. Download the first chapter to read today!

Free Online courses

We want to help you learn how to handle conflict in your marriage in a biblical way. For that reason, we’ve created 4 short, practical, and easy-to-digest videos, that you can access for FREE!  We hope they’ll move you and your spouse closer to experiencing marriage to the fullest. 

We created this 7-day prayer guide for you and your spouse. Each day, you’ll receive a short devotional reading that includes a Bible verse and a few related prayer points. The whole thing will take less than five minutes.

In FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting’s 8-session online course, you’ll receive creative ways from other parents to instill faith in your children.

For many parents and stepparents, discipline is one of their number one struggles. This course gives you a simple vision and creative ways to apply your faith with your children in the ways you discipline in your home.