My Queen,

Happy Mother’s Day! What can a letter capture about 14 years of marriage? Not much, but it can give a window of my deep love for you.

To be honest, every day is Mother’s Day in our little household. Why? Because you do so much. You not only invest in other people’s children at the preschool up the street, as well as at church, but you invest in our children. The way you help our girls with their hair, homework, and chores around the house doesn’t go unnoticed. Not to mention how your countless trips to their schools show just how invested you are in our children’s development. My love, I salute you.

You love the Lord

Honey, something else comes to mind this Mother’s Day. I love how committed you are to the Lord. Seeing you read the Scriptures daily. Overhearing you discuss what He has been teaching you as you talk to your mom or girlfriends. Watching you engage in worship at our church. Praying together with you. These things continue to draw me closer to you and remind me why I married you.

Not only are you fine as wine … you are a woman on mission for the Lord. What a powerful combination. Let the church say amen! Your support of me makes me want to run through a wall. Like a strong wind pushing an eagle through the air with his wings extended, that’s how your love for me feels. With you, our family soars to higher heights. I salute you.

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Thanks for being you

I know lately things have been a challenge with the busyness of life. But I don’t want to go a second on this Mother’s Day without saying this: thank you! Thank you for being you. Thank you for looking out for the interests of others (especially our family). Thank you for being faithful to the calling of God in our lives. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for teaching me how to better serve you and the family. My love, I salute you.

I want this day to be a reminder of my commitment to you. No matter what we encounter, I’m right there with you. I honor you today on Mother’s Day. I value you. I cherish you. You are my queen. You are my heart. I can confidently say that I am a blessed man all because of you my love.

Enjoy your day! I love you dearly.

Your King

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Bryndan C. Loritts is senior pastor at Harvest Bible Church in Nashville, TN.  He and his wife Lucretia have 3 daughters, LeiLani, Bryana and Sinaiya. Find him on twitter @bcloritts and on Facebook.