How about doing something different this week for Valentine’s Day?  Something your spouse will remember?

I keep thinking of a quote I used in this column a couple of weeks ago.  “At some point many of us become lazy in romance,” says Tommy Nelson, pastor of Denton (Tex.) Bible Church.  “We stop pursuing each other.” I know that’s often true of me.  It’s been a long time since I did something new and creative for my wife, Merry, on Valentine’s Day—or for any other day, now that I think about it. Sometimes we just need some new ideas.  I searched through a couple resources offered by FamilyLife, Tips to Romance Your Husband and Tips to Romance Your Wife, and here are some ideas you might consider using this week:

For your husband:

1. As he heads out for work, give him a passionate kiss.  If he wants to know what it was for, tell him it’s the appetizer for tonight’s menu.Make him a book of coupons that are good for things he likes: his favorite dessert, a special meal, and you. Blindfold your husband and “kidnap” him.  Take him to a hotel room where you have prepared a romantic rendezvous.

2. Drop by your husband’s workplace unexpectedly and whisk him away for lunch.

For your wife:

1. Make a list of all the things your sweetheart does for you that you probably take for granted.  Thank her for each one.Arrange for a babysitter and then take your wife away on a special day filled with fun things she enjoys.Create your own little “free cuddles” coupon book.  Every time she wants to cuddle, she turns in a coupon (with no expiration date).

2. Play “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Buy her three gifts and wrap them separately.  Let her choose which one to open.  Have fun trying to change her mind.  Put the other two away for later.

For more romantic tips for wives and for husbands, you can visit our online store.  But having a good idea is only part of the solution.  If you want to stop being a lazy lover, you’ve got to make romance a priority and take action.

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