The other day my husband said one of the most romantic things I’d heard in my entire life: “Go lie down or take a bath. I’ll do the dishes.”

My Romeo has also been known to bring swoons to my knees with statements such as, “You look like you need a Starbucks break. Why don’t you get away for a few minutes?” Others of my favorites include: “Why don’t we get take-out? Let me vacuum that for you. I have chocolate,” and, “Do you need help with the laundry?”

It’s pretty obvious from the above paragraph that I have a fabulous husband and that he understands my love language. Acts of service, as defined by Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages, make me feel the most loved. Chocolate is a powerful second. Understanding and acting on the way your spouse feels loved and expresses love are two powerful ways to strengthen your marriage.

So, in the interest of Valentine’s Day and romance, I thought I would share some romantic words to try out on your Valentine:

1. Nothing. This is a favorite of most men, I’m told, especially when the words kept silent are of the “I told you so” variety. Sometimes silence is truly golden.

2. “You are my hero.” The success of Star Wars and the entire superhero film genre proves why this one works. Men want to be heroes.

3. “I respect you.” Men long for respect the same way women do for love.

4. “Thank you.” All humans long for appreciation, so if he does something, even it it’s little, make sure you express your appreciation.

5. “Let’s go to bed early tonight.” Does this really need any explanation? I thought not.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Dyer. All rights reserved. Used with permission.