On the July 26, 2021, episode of FamilyLife Today®, Dave Wilson mentions his “Are You Addicted to Your Phone?” quiz. As promised, here it is—just keep track of your “yeses”!

Are you addicted to your phone?

1. A loved one has told you that you have a problem with your phone/device.

2. You regularly send email/texts or check Facebook while sitting on the toilet.

3. Your phone is the last thing you look at before sleep and the first thing when you wake up.

4. You can’t go five minutes without checking Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/FB…

5. You often text while driving.

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6. You just lied about number five.

7. When your phone buzzes, your heart rate elevates until you check to see what that alert was.

8. You’ve answered an email or text while your loved one was sharing their heart with you.

9. You never ever turn your phone off for even five minutes.

10. You often answer emails/texts at stoplights.

11. There is an indentation in your clothes where you keep your phone.

12. At every event in your life, you pull out your phone to capture it on video.

13. When your little kids pretend to be you, they’re on their phone.


If you answered “yes” to six or more of these questions, you have a digital problem. At least that’s what Ann told me … via text!