My wife, Merry, and I have enjoyed some wonderful, adventurous, and romantic vacations over the years. We’ve been on trips to London, New England, Montana, Oregon, Washington D.C., New York City. We’ve relaxed on sunny beaches in Hawaii, Florida, and South Carolina.

And then we’ve taken lots of vacations like the one last week: working on projects around the house.But then, that’s what marriage is about, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s warm sea breezes … and sometimes it’s the pungent smell of drying paint.I suppose last week could be called a “real life” vacation. Among the highlights and lowlights:

  • Ordinary accomplishment #1: Finishing half of a major indoor painting project. There is something strangely satisfying about applying fresh paint to walls marked by the smudges of dirty hands, shoes, and balls thrown to satisfy a dog who never tires of playing “fetch.”
  • Ordinary accomplishment #2: Purchasing a new refrigerator … with an icemaker. When we first moved into our home, I convinced Merry that we didn’t need an icemaker, and I’ve paid the price ever since! So it was quite gratifying to finally replace the old beast and banish our ice trays to the garage.
  • Misadventure #1: Realizing the old water line for the icemaker needed replacement … then discovering the valve for the old line was leaking … and then tearing out several feet of rancid, water-damaged wood under the sink. What fun!
  • Misadventure #2: Stubbing my toe and falling against a sofa with my fist jamming against my right ribs. The resulting bruise only hurt if I moved my right arm … say, when painting. We also ate out a few times, watched some movies (“Déjà Vu” and “Night at the Museum”) read books and magazines, and visited a botanical garden. No, it wasn’t a week of making special memories, but it was a nice time to invest in our relationship and in our home.

And sometimes that’s what marriage is about, isn’t it?

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