Even before I began working for FamilyLife, I used to tell people that the Weekend to Remember® was the “best conference I’ve ever attended.” Merry and I went when we were engaged, and we’ve attended several times since then. The weekend provided an invaluable foundation for our marriage—a clear biblical understanding of God’s purposes for marriage and the family, and some practical skills for improving our communication.

It’s the type of conference any couple can benefit from, whether they’re preparing for marriage or looking for a refresher. It’s also the type of conference that can save a broken relationship. If you are experiencing struggles in your marriage, or if you know someone else who is, this event can be the turning point.

One person recently wrote to tell FamilyLife that the Weekend to Remember “saved my marriage.” Here are his words:

My wife and I had been becoming more and more isolated over the last four years and we were at the end, with virtually no hope of saving our marriage, or at least no hope of living happily together in the same household. Something told me that this conference was our last shot. On the way to the conference my wife and I fought so terribly and I didn’t even think we would make it to the conference.

By lunch time on Saturday, my wife and I asked each other for forgiveness and have dedicated ourselves to seeking oneness with each other and to creating a Christian legacy in our three children. I truly believe that God is the one that made us go to this conference and that without his help through your ministry we would not have made it. … The transformation in my wife is unbelievable … God really spoke to her. I hope that my transformation is worthy of my wife.

I think there are three primary reasons why so many couples like this have seen their lives and their relationship transformed by a Weekend to Remember.

First, for many it’s the first time in months or years that they’ve spent a whole weekend together. Many conferees talk about how refreshing it is just to get away from their children for a weekend and focus on each other.

Second, many couples have not heard or understood God’s purposes for their marriage. They don’t know how it fits into His plan for the world, and they’ve never learned how to apply biblical principles for improving their relationship. At the conference they have the opportunity to learn this in an encouraging environment from speakers who talk honestly and practically about how they’ve applied the Scriptures in their marriage.

Finally, the conference brings couples face to face with their need for a close relationship with God. For many, this is totally transforming. They not only renew their relationship with each other, but more importantly they understand how to know Christ and rely on His wisdom and power to make their marriage work.

If you haven’t attended the Weekend to Remember, let me encourage you to do so this year. It may be the best investment you’ll ever make in your marriage and family.

This article originally appeared in the September 29, 2008 issue of Marriage Memo, a weekly e-newsletter.