We asked husbands, “What is one thing you most appreciate about your wives this Thanksgiving?” Here are the replies we received by email.

1. I love the insight into our children’s’ hearts that my wife, Karla, brings into our marriage. She is a wonderful household manager who performs miracles of joyous memories, sometimes with very limited materials. Her personality is exactly what I need to become the man God would have me be. I am grateful! —Warren Black

2. I love that my wife is my perfect complement. In areas that I need improvement in, she pushes me to be a better person. We continue to this day to learn how to work with each other and help each other. Even in those moments of difficulty, we can count on each other knowing our love is secure and that God can guide us to where we need to go. Just today, dealing with a difficult situation, I know I can turn to my rock and she can help bring me back to a better place.—Brian

3. My wife, Kate, is one of the most selfless people I know. She is constantly giving of herself to others and sacrificing of her time (and sleep!) if there is a need. She works third shift but will give up her rest if there is someone who needs a ride somewhere. She teaches Sunday school, sings on the worship team and runs the sound at church sometimes. Amazing! —Dave

4. Dana has stood by me for 24 years now and has been the perfect example of the Bible’s definition of a “help mate.” When I dream big, she prays for me. When my dreams crash around me, she prays for me. When my job became very successful and I lost my way home being caught up in the success, she prayed for me. When the stresses of being a businessman and a youth pastor pulled me under, she prayed for me. Today, I am a thankful husband for a wife who never gave up on me, never criticized me, never quit loving me, and never left my side. She is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh and I love her with all of my heart. —Glenn

5. Wow! Where do I begin, and how do I narrow it down. So instead [of one thing I’m grateful for], here’s three that immediately came to mind.

  • Humor: Deborah consistently is able to make me laugh. We’ve always stated that we got married because we couldn’t imagine living without our best friend, and we still enjoy each other’s company as friends because we have learned how to laugh together. And now after 17yrs of knowing her we have so many “inside jokes” that continue to make us chuckle when we think about them.
  • Loyalty: Deborah has stuck with me “for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”. It hasn’t always been easy and some of the “worse” times have been a direct result of my willful or stupid actions. Yet she continues to show me grace and love and a commitment to our relationship.
  • Accountability: Deborah understands that it’s not her role to be the Holy Spirit in my life. At the same time though, I think He uses her to give me a loving slap upside the head every now and then when I need it. She has made me a better person by challenging me in areas of my life that only she would know about and then she becomes my #1 cheerleader to encourage me to make the changes in my life.

         —Abraham Lara

6. I am soooo thankful for my wife, Lana, who ministers to so many. She helps our daughter in raising our 5 grandchildren. She visits with her mom 5 days a week at the nursing home. She ministers to women in our church once a month helping younger women learn how to be a great mom and wife. I appreciate how she helps by co-leading our SS class and how she hosts our Life Group of 20 on a weekly basis. She also then ministers to me, keeping me eating healthy so I stay fit and am able to chase her around our home. In all these ways I appreciate her and how she helps keeps me focused on Christ. —Bob Richardson

7. Elizabeth and I are both so thankful that God in His wisdom – and perhaps His advanced sense of humor – made each of us such that neither of us is redundant in our relationship with each other. It is an occasionally confounding but ultimately glorious adventure. —Bret Hern

8. I am thankful Wendy is a child of God. If it were not the case, her ability to love me in my imperfections would not be so generous. If it were not the case, she would not be able to forgive or receive forgiveness as she does – keeping our relationship strong. If she were not a child of God, we would not be enjoying our 18th year of marriage and sharing the responsibility of raising our four daughters together.  Because she is (and I am) a child of God, I have MUCH to be thankful for. —Chad Donley

9. I am most thankful for my wife’s commitment to the lordship of Christ in her life. In those times of marriage where we meet what would seem like an impossible impasse between us, it is ultimately our individual commitments to Christ that bring us back together and get us through. Even when the feelings for each other are not there, or the hurt is significant, or the conflict is long and drawn out, the eventual question we must each ask ourselves is, “What would Christ want me to do in this situation?”  This trumps everything. And I know my wife’s commitment to this is unwavering. Consequently, I know she’s in it for the long haul no matter what comes our way. For this I am most thankful! —grateful husband

10. I am most thankful that Karen loves me as unconditionally as is humanly possible. In spite of my knucklehead ways at times, she still loves me and is loyal to me. —Dave Stuart

11. Unwilling to settle for mediocrity. My bride Cheryl sees me in a more positive way than I think of myself, and is constantly encouraging me to rise above the low bar that I might have otherwise settled for. —David Adair

12. There are many things I am thankful for about Anne. One of the things that keeps coming to my mind lately is her great love for, awe, and fear of God. When a person loves God like Anne does it has a huge impact on her having a teachable heart. When we are in conflict or disagreement she strongly pursues resolution.

Another result of loving God so strongly is a love for other people and a desire to serve them. Ask anybody … and they will tell you about Anne’s incredible gift of hospitality. This is just one of the qualities I thank God for in my wife. —David Newell

13. My wife, Karen, always goes to God FIRST. Whenever she is troubled, even when the “trouble” is caused by my selfish behavior or insensitivity to her needs, she first takes it to God and asks Him to check her motives, reveal her sin and show her what He wants her to learn. Only then does she express to me what she’s struggling with. It’s a great comfort to me that she seeks counsel first from the One who is perfect before she comes to her husband, who is imperfect. —Dennis Leake

14. I love how Jennifer is full of life and just fun to be around! God has filled her with a spirit of joy! I love to watch her jump on the trampoline and play the card game Nerts with our kids or with friends. Watching Jennifer have fun is what brings me joy! God has blessed me with a great example of the fruit of the spirit “Joy,” and I am truly “Thankful” for her as His gift to me! —Duane Abbott

15. I am so thankful for Cindy’s encouragement—day in and day out, through thick and thin. She reminds me often of joy found in encouragement from Philippines 2:1-2, “So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.”  Her encouragement helps make me a strong and faithful leader.—Gary

16. I am most thankful for Rene’s fun-loving, child-like spirit and positive outlook on life. I just can’t imagine enjoying life more and I praise God for giving me the gift of a wife who is so upbeat, positive, fun, and life-giving. My life would be way too routine without her. She adds spark and spunk to our family! —Gene Haub

17. Her devoted and Rock-solid Faith. She loves to study God’s Word, align herself with His truth and put her faith in His sovereignty, no matter what we face. That has been beautifully evident as she faces very serious surgery and a possibility of cancer…her focus has been on God’s greatness, not our plight, on bringing Him glory, not getting what we want, and on concern for others who would be troubled by her illness, rather than being focused on herself. Her faith blesses me, our family and others she serves. —a grateful husband

18. I am most thankful for my wife Sarah because she follows God’s plan and allows me be the spiritual leader of our family. When it comes to big decision like finances or when opportunities have come which involved moving our family, Sarah has trusted my faith in God and that my decision will be the right one.

This has not been easy. She moved to Florida when she once said she would never want to live there. She also moved to Little Rock, leaving behind a daughter, other family and many friends only to start over again for the sixth time in a new geography. I am truly blessed to have such a loving and trusting wife. —Jerry Biuso

19. I am thankful for Trish’s constant question through the first 15 years of our marriage – “Why?”. God used this gentle and persistent question “Why?” to expose idols and motivations in my life. I thank God for Trish and the way He has used her to push me below the surface. —Keith Tully

20. The one thing about Bonnie that I am most thankful for is her dedication to doing things right. She has shown me that when you do things right it displays intentionality to preparation and seriousness. These things increase your reputation to others thus producing more trust and dependability. It overall shows your faithful and dedication to giving your best to God and your best to others. As a minister of God, I need this reminder and example everyday so that I can be as effective as possible in my service to God, to my family, to my church, to my employer, and to my friends. —Kevin Sterling

21. The one thing that comes to mind first, is the way she allows her faith in God, to transfer to faith in me, as her husband. When she expresses her faith in me, I sadly, often doubt it, because I tend to think her faith in me is based on me and my abilities, when in reality it’s because she knows who our God is. God uses her in my life to help me keep looking outside of myself and more at who our Heavenly Father is. —a grateful husband

22. I am most thankful for the grace Cyndi has given me. As grace indicates, there have been times when I didn’t necessarily deserve it, but Cyndi gave me unmerited favor by always thinking the best of me and of my intentions. She is quick to believe me and believe in me. That makes me want to be a better man than I am. She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. She is my greatest cheerleader. I am blessed to have her by my side. —Mike Warren

23. I am thankful my wife, Nedra, loves the Lord! This love is shown through her faithfulness and self-discipline and has been a source of strength in many areas of our marriage and family. God knew just what I needed in a “help mate” when He brought us together! —Randy Sharp

24. I appreciate that Susie desires the very best for others—especially family members. Her actions and words are centered around the “happiness” of those she loves. She is tireless and quite creative and accommodating to accomplish her goal of everyone else being “happy.” Though there is a negative side to this passion (God alone is the source of our true “joy”; ingratitude from those she serves can wear away at her capacity to give), Susie puts others ahead of herself as a natural mindset and regularly sacrifices her own resources, time and energy to better serve others. Susie leads an adult Bible study, heads up a small group of 9th-grade girls, is a mentor to a 20-something and a 5th grader and loves spending time with her six grown children and two grandchildren—and her husband of 29-plus years—even if it means sitting through a Green Bay Packers football game on television or encouraging her four boys and husband as they play Ultimate Frisbee together. I am so blessed to have Susie as my wife. To God be the glory.—Rick Maupin

25. I am thankful that Kimberly said “Yes!” I so vividly remember the night, it had played out so perfect (long story). But at one point in the night I had her put together a puzzle that said “Will you marry me?” As she was starting to catch on to what was going on, I had already dropped to 1 knee. She very excitedly said “YES!” Best day ever! From that point forward I saw the gift that God was giving to me, just me. And she was willing to join in with that special plan. I would not want to do life with anyone else. And God said “it is good!! —Steve Sprout

26. I am thankful that I can count on Heather. I have never felt limited in pursuing the things of God in our family. When the time comes to go “off road,” I can count on Heather being ready. When I “miss it” and am about to drive us over the cliff, I can count on Heather sounding the alarm. Being able to count on Heather frees me to pursue the big dreams of our family. —Gene Muckleroy

27. My wife Ann is the perfect spouse:  totally serious, concerned, gracious one moment then skipping around and running with children with total abandon….and she’s a 63-yr old retired teacher whose students from 40 years ago still keep in touch because of her tremendous positive impact on their lives!  She teaches me how to be a better Christian every day….by example. RC Cline