We asked wives, “What is one thing you most appreciate about your husband this Thanksgiving?”  Here are the replies we received by email.  

1. Terry loves me no matter what my faults are. —Barbara Robinson

2. Well… to be honest… for quite a few years I wondered and struggled with how my husband could be so defective! It turns out we are both defective and we need each other to be complete! I am thankful that he and I are very different. If we thought the same thoughts and did things the same way, we would be redundant and would not need each other. It has taken me 25 years to truly appreciate this!!! —a grateful wife

3. David doesn’t hold grudges. … He has taught me that holding grudges is overrated and he’s right. — Elizabeth Wehman

4. One thing about my spouse, Glen, that I am most thankful for is his willingness to step up and be a true leader for our family. A man that is willing to say he is sorry, to help around the house, to engage with our children, to pick up the slack, to take on whatever responsibility is needed that day…even when he doesn’t feel like it. I feel very honored and cherished for this. —Shawn Solberg

5. I’m thankful that my spouse, Dave Ashford, listened to God when I wanted to throw in the towel and that we are now restored! And, I’m really thankful he kills the spiders for me (smile). —Sonya Helm

6. My husband is so very patient with me in so many ways. I know I try his patience with my clumsiness, my lack of common sense at times, and my endless headaches and stomach issues. He never complains about my health, never grows weary of fixing the things I break, and is always so helpful to explain why something I would like to do just can’t be done in the manner that I think it could be done. He truly undergirds me with his love and never ceases to amaze me with his endless patience.”  —a grateful wife

7. Ed looks for ways to show how much he loves me. For example, tonight he came home from work, kissed me and kept walking out the back door to his rose garden. He cut me seven beautiful roses, arranged them in a vase, then presented them to me. Wow!  —Cindy Hansberry

8. My husband, David, is SO helpful with our six children and the upkeep of our super busy house. He’ll change dirty diapers without any complaint, wash dishes by hand that don’t fit into the dishwasher and fold laundry for a whole football game! His acts of service show me how much he cherishes me. With six kids, I just can’t do it all. The beauty is that he knows that and jumps right into our fray. He is so awesome! I’m so thankful for the way he serves me and our family.  —Cheryl Adair

9. Chris enjoys life and makes me laugh.  —Tonya Larmoyeux

10. I’m thankful that my husband is willing to share his heart whenever and wherever God tells him to! After eight years of a rough marriage, largely due to an addiction to pornography, he never hesitates to be transparent when called and tell how he overcame an addiction to pornography. God has taken something awful and redeemed my husband and our marriage and is using us for His glory! —a grateful wife

11. I am MOST thankful that Bob loves me sacrificially (like Christ loves the Church – see Ephesians) – but I am VERY thankful that he can fix anything! —Debbie Anderson

12. I’m most thankful for my husband’s peacemaker heart. Trey always seeks me out for reconciliation when we’ve had an argument. I tend to want to hide myself away and stew in my anger, and I’m so thankful that God gave me a husband who doesn’t let me do that. He is an excellent example to me of someone who overlooks offenses, forgives quickly and readily, humbly apologizes, and doesn’t let bitterness take root. —Jayna Richardson

13. Benton works so hard to be a great provider and head of our household! —Carolyn Sarkozi Potts

14. I am so thankful for the way Wayne accepts and appreciates me. He is such a great listener and he encourages me to trust God and to use the gifts God has given me. He often tells me how pretty he thinks I am and how much he enjoys our home and my cooking. He is so quick to forgive and to wrap me in his arms of love!  —Jeanie Smith

15. I’m most thankful for Bob’s desire to do God’s Will in all things. He isn’t always right (who of us are), but I know he is seeking God’s direction. I see him take time to pray, study his Bible, and listen to find out what God wants us to do. (Married 44 years this fall) —Judy Peterson

16. My husband believes the best about me. At times I’ve been in a rough spot with a good friend, feeling misunderstood. He has been my cheerleader. —a grateful wife

17. My husband, Micah, is often the voice of reason in our marriage. I go on wild flights of fantasy—plans for what we can buy, rooms we can remodel, parties we can throw, events we can host elaborate meals we can cook. He rarely discourages me from dreaming big, but he usually offers practical advice and asks hard hitting questions that bring me back to reality. When we first got married, I hated how he was always raining on my parade. But now that we have been married for nine years, I love how we can balance each other out. He can help me stay grounded and keep me from getting in over my head. In turn, I can help him spread his horizons a little. —Kate Wetsell

18. One thing I am so thankful for about Mickey, my husband, is the time he spends each morning in Bible study and prayer. He has such a humble and thankful heart attitude toward God. It really comforts and strengthens a wife’s faith when you know your husband is praying for you, his family, and himself to be all God wants you to be. It gives me confidence in his leadership because I know he is lifting up all of his decisions and concerns to God first. —Lynn Hargett

19. I am thankful for my spouse for so many reasons, but perhaps the one that stands out and undergirds all others is Kirk’s faith in God and his desire to be a man after God’s own heart.  —Lynn

20. One thing I am thankful for is my husband’s steadfastness.  Though his coolness drives me nuts at times, I am thankful that Bill doesn’t worry or get upset about life’s challenges.  Worry seems to run in my family’s DNA but I have gotten so much better because of him. —Glenda

21. One thing I really appreciate about my husband, Doug, is that he has always worked to be sure that I develop as an individual in my walk with God, in my personal interests and in my career.    I feel like he studies me like a jeweler looks at an uncut stone, to see what facets need to be brought to light, so that he can present me to God as the best I can possibly be. None of this is done in an overbearing or controlling way; he simply encourages me to take steps to grow and develop in all the areas of my life, and backs up that encouragement with sacrificial support.   He was very intentional about helping me make the transition from full-time mom to empty-nester, so that I didn’t reach that stage without having an identity other than “mom.” As a result, I found that transition to be relatively smooth.  I know I can trust him to continue to encourage me to develop as we grow older. —Carol Scarborough

22. I’m so thankful for Allen’s faithfulness – to God, to me and to our family! I appreciate how he stays calm in crisis. He brings peace to our family and is dependable in times of need. I am truly blessed! —Tammye Kurtz

23. I know that my husband, Bob, will be by my side no matter what happens in our life. Two years ago I had a cancer scare and complications after the surgery to remove it. My husband cried out to God by my bedside and reached out to other godly men to pray for me. It really showed me how much he relied on God for my healing and was not afraid to tell others we needed prayer. This has carried us through some difficult situations these past two years. He tells me all the time “I need you here with me.”  —Pam Stelter

24. My husband, Charles, loves me so much. —Angie Arndt

25. His servant’s heart. Tom always puts everyone’s needs and wants before his own. —Janet Logan

26. Keith loves the Lord, he loves me, he’s intentional about our relationship, about parenting, and he makes me laugh. I have never had to worry that he was cheating on me or looking at pornography. —Suzanne Thomas

27. As a daughter with both parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I am so thankful to have a husband who freely releases me for a week at a time to go care for my parents. He maintains our home and children’s schedules in my absence willingly, with a cheerful heart and that is a tremendous blessing to me and my family. —a grateful wife

28. That he is willing to continue to work on and grow in our marriage of 39 years! —a grateful wife

29. I’m thankful for the way my husband, Jim, looks at the “big picture” of life and weighs the long-term consequences of decisions. I tend to get bogged down with immediate situations and often want to take action instead of waiting on God. Over the years I’ve learned to trust my husband’s leadership and follow His dependence on the Lord. His example has taught me that what I can’t do, God can. —Mary May Larmoyeux

30. He listens. It may not always seem that way, but undoubtedly Lee always has time for me. After 22 years of marriage, I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. —Katie

31. I so appreciate Keith’s many kindnesses to me. Every day he picks me up for a date by knocking on the headboard of our bed, to which I reply, “Come in.” He tells me how much he loves me, loves my cooking and loves being married to me daily. He has wonderful big strong arms for many, many hugs throughout the day. He loves doing things for me. He forgives me quickly and excitedly. He loves talking on the phone with me. He is very fun and funny to be around. He makes me laugh. I love his tender heart for our Lord and for others. Even though I sometimes fight it…I love his leadership in our family. He will drop what he is doing to help me. He is very patient with me. I could go on…I am very blessed and thankful to the Lord for him. I love you Honey!!! —Connie

32. My husband has taught me how to love unconditionally. He has forgiven me for not honoring him with my speech when angry. I see him love difficult family members even though they have hurt him deeply. He continues to love me even though I am not the most organized person in the world! He has served our country for many years in the Army and is very organized. I know it is not easy for him to live around my “stuff” sometimes but instead of complaining he helps me! He even kept praying and believing for me when I ended our engagement. I’m so thankful the Lord answered his prayer for me to be his wife! —Tawona

33. I appreciate how patient and gentle my husband Greg is. God knew I needed a gentle heart. He is so kind and thoughtful of my feelings. I work in Pediatric Oncology and he takes such an interest in my work; he even plays Santa for my patients every year at Christmas. He is also the best Pappa to our grandbabies, and that has made me love him in a whole new way! He is still the best boyfriend after 36 years! —Krista

34. I’m thankful that my husband Scott is a hard worker, he can fix anything and he still wants to be with me. We just celebrated 17 yrs of marriage. —Angie

35. Roger is kind and gentle, non-judgmental and has always placed me and our kids first. Even as a business owner with two dozen plus employees, I never worry about his integrity or priorities. He is God’s perfect provision for me! —Leigh

36. I am most appreciative for my husband’s hard work and support for our family. He is a great father. I love him so much! —Shellie

37. I’m thankful for my husband Billy and his gentle kindred spirit.  He has always been a wonderful provider and comforter to me through thick and thin.  God gave me a wonderful gift when he gave him to me.  His faith in God is growing every day and together with God’s help we can do anything. Dawn Skinner

38. About a year and a half ago our 20+ yr marriage was falling apart.  We had grown cold and distant.  My husband turned to my “friend” and began an emotional affair.  Six  weeks into it I caught him and confronted him.  He has since repented and has worked double time to repair our marriage.  It has been absolutely amazing to see how God used this “wake up call” to bring us both back to him and to each other. It has not been an easy road, but I am thankful for my husband’s choice to see his error and his willingness to do what it takes to repair and strengthen our relationship.  Although the hurt is still there, we have a closeness now that we never had before. I am so thankful for the man he is becoming!  I would like to encourage others to never give up hope!

39. I love my husband so much.  I know that he is the one God made for me.  John has taught me to never worry about anything, but to pray about everything.  I am so thankful for that.  He is the greatest husband, and a great Christian man.  I love him so much!  Ashley Johnson

40. Although I am not married yet, God has revealed to me who my husband will be. He has brought us together in numerous ways, allowing us the chance to get to know each other and learn to work together. It has already been the best relationship I have ever experienced, even though it doesn’t physically exist yet. The most favorable characteristic of my future husband is His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Because if his close relationship to God, my husband is able to approach me and talk to me even in my worst of moods or toughest of battles, and shine a light on the situation in a way that pierces right through my stubbornness. This is an essential tool for a woman like me, who has a very strong, very opinionated, and very unpersuasive personality. I look forward to the marriage that lies ahead, and spending many grateful years together. I am thankful for the man he is now and the man he will be in the future.  -an awaiting wife