Our society is more health-conscious than ever before. We are inundated with advice, warnings, and advertisements. Our mailboxes and inboxes scream at us—Renew your gym membership today! Schedule your health screening ASAP!  …and so much more. We spend a tremendous amount of time concerned with the shape of our bodies, their overall health, and how long they are going to last.

You might be sure to head to the doctor each year for the annual checkup, but when was the last time your marriage had a physical?

Drink another glass of water. Walk an extra mile on the treadmill.  Get another hour of sleep each night. We will do endless activities trying to keep up with the health of our bodies, but we often neglect the health of our marriages.

You and your spouse need a place you can go to start setting the groundwork for a healthier relationship right away.

Get Away Together

Taking time away from the daily routine is the first step toward achieving a healthier marriage. Everyone needs to step back and observe the rhythms of their life. A two-and-a-half-day getaway at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember is the perfect way for you and your spouse to assess where your marriage is and how you can work on strengthening it together.

Does your marriage have high blood pressure, shooting through the roof with each new argument? Perhaps you need help in bringing it under control and working through the tension with calmness and cooperation. You can relearn how to communicate kindly with one another, openly sharing the details of your daily life in a way that feels intimate rather than confrontational.

Maybe your concern is just the opposite—your relationship has hit a lull and you’re looking for ways to rekindle the spark you had when you were first married.

No matter what the current status of your marriage is, Weekend to Remember is the perfect space for you to assess what the real issues are, check your relational vital signs as a couple, and get on a path toward a healthier and happier marriage.

Couples who attend the Weekend to Remember marriage getaway report that they’ve seen significant improvement in their satisfaction with their relationships after just two short days! Don’t you owe it to the health of your relationship to find out where you can improve? Register today for your Weekend to Remember experience, and begin looking forward to a healthier and more vibrant marriage.

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