When you pray for your wife, pray for:

1. Her husband. Start by praying for change in yourself, and ask God to give you a clean heart.

2. Her spirit.

3. Her emotions.

4. Her motherhood.

5. Her moods.

6. Her marriage. Pray that love will continue to grow between you and your wife, that you and your wife will resist the temptation to stray, and that there will be no divorce in your future.

7. Her submission.

8. Her relationships.

9. Her priorities.

10. Her beauty.

11. Her sexuality.

12. Her fears.

13. Her purpose.

14. Her trust.

15. Her protection.

16. Her desires.

17. Her work.

18. Her deliverance.

19. Her obedience.

20. Her future.

Adapted from How a Man Prays for His Family.  Copyright © 2001 by Stormie Omartian.  Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR.  Used by permission.