How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt?

How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt ?

Guilt doesn’t freshen us and give life—it suffocates us and takes more than we have to give.

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6 Tips to Reduce Stress for Working Moms

6 Tips to Reduce Stress for the Working Mom

When my youngest started preschool, I took my first job outside the home in nearly 10 years. I was frazzled, guilt-ridden, and late everywhere I went.

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Can Mommy Have a Drink?

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on “mommy wine culture.” Here’s a few factors to consider if you’re thinking about sipping a glass.

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What I Wish Drew Brees Had Whispered to His Boys

I want more for Drew Brees and his sons than just what they can earn. And Jesus offers more.

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Cancel Family Dinner

Should Your Family Cancel Dinner?

It’s not always practical to eat dinner as a family. The solution? Give yourself and your family some grace and cancel dinner tonight. 

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Saturdays are for Family

Saturdays Are for Winning

Instead of my husband abandoning us for the woods or holing up in a man cave glued to ESPN, we’ve made fall Saturdays family days.

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Yes, Momcations are a Thing

Kid-free trips either alone or with girlfriends is an idea I can get behind.

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7 ideas for engaging with your kids this Summer.

7 Ideas for Engaging With Your Kids This Summer

The school year is filled with other obligations, but the summer belongs to us.

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Respecting Your Son’s Desire to Provide and Protect

God put inside every boy something that stirs him to be brave and protective.

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Don’t Do Motherhood Alone

Having another mom who’s already been through both the calm and rough waters of your current stage in life can be a beautiful gift from God. Here are some suggestions for finding that kind of mentor.

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Becoming a Mom A Process of New Discovery

Facing the upcoming birth of our first baby has caused me to struggle with my change in identity … but perhaps it isn’t a “new” identity after all.

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Can a Mom Be Too Close to her Daughter?

We all want connection with our daughters, but when we become overly close, it can hinder their transition to adulthood.

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25 Things a Dad Should Teach a Boy

Use this helpful list as a springboard for spending quality time with your sons.

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Not Every Mom Must Be a Natural Homemaker

Sincere love and an emotional haven are worth so much more than a perfect house and a gourmet meal.

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What Is Your Family’s ‘Brand’?

An important part of parenting is determining who you are, what things you stand for, and how you’ll pass those values on to your children.

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Raising Sons During the ‘Crisis of Manhood’

It’s a daunting era to raise a son into a man, but here’s a game plan for shaping growing boys into godly men.

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25 Ways To Spiritually Lead Your Family

Ideas for men who want to leave a spiritual legacy.

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My Big Flaw: I’m an Impatient Mom

When I’m in a hurry, I tend to plow over my children.

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8 Ways to Be a Super Mom (Not Supermom)

There is no such thing as a superhero mother. Here’s how to stop trying to do it all and start learning to be you.

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My Surprising Secret to Success as a Mom

Truly excelling as a mom is not about showing our kids how amazing we are, but how much we need Jesus.

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The Seasons of Motherhood: Recognizing Challenges, Focusing on Blessings

Looking back on my life, I have found one of the most helpful ways to gain perspective on your current situation is to see life in terms of seasons.

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You Will Always Be Your Daughter’s First Love

As a father, you need to love her not only when she is your sweet, affectionate girl, but also when she’s a real pain in the neck.

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8 Creative Ways for Dads to Spend Time With Their Toddlers

Quality time speaks love to a young child.

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Are You a “Mean Mom”?

The definition of the word mean is to be unkind or malicious. But a good mean mom defines the word quite a bit differently.

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25 Summertime Ideas to Keep Your Kids Occupied

A compilation of creative tips for the lazy days of summer.

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All They Could Do Was Pray

Tom and Brenda Preston waited for years for a prodigal son to come to God.

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Giving Your Daughter Away

Part of raising daughters is knowing that, at some point, you probably will turn your responsibilities over to another man.

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5 Generations of Fathering

My ancestors have kept His commandments and have passed them on to the next generation. Now it’s my turn.

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Leaving a Legacy to My Children

My ancestors left me a godly heritage, and my passion is to pass that on to my own kids.

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Taking Dad to the Super Bowl

Three players from this week’s game, and the fathers who influenced them.

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