How do you divide the responsibilities for devotions between Dad and Mom?


Dennis: This is a shared responsibility. A mom may have strengths in an area a dad doesn’t have, like reading a story, but I still believe the man should set the spiritual tone and direction for the family, and the kids need to sense this.

Bo Jackson, after leaving professional sports, noticed his kids went to their mother when times were tough. So he asked his wife, “Why do they go to you whenever they have a problem?” She replied, “Because I get up with them every morning.” He was stunned. Well, guess who started waking up with the kids every morning in the Bo Jackson house after that?

Your job as father is to initiate. Find ways to make family times interesting and a good learning experience for your kids. Be there and be creative.

Barbara: And I think a wife can encourage her husband with family devotions by helping to create an enjoyable environment. She can fix the kids hot cocoa. You can all sit on a couch snuggling together, Mom and Dad and the kids. And maybe take turns reading so the husband doesn’t feel like the load is all on his back. That way, everyone participates as a family and feels like they’re doing it together.

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