The rush of the holidays tends to hit us hard and fast. There are cookies to bake, decorations to put out, and trees to trim. Not to mention the pressure of your in-laws arriving on your doorstep for the holiday festivities at any moment. There’s no way to avoid the inherent stress that the holidays can bring on a family—and your marriage.

When you have a busy season ahead of you, the most important thing you can do is take a break in advance of the chaos. Taking the time to slow down before the in-laws arrive at your home for a few days gives you the space you need to approach the holiday season with joy. A break is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse and face the stress of the holidays together—as one couple instead of two individuals at odds with one another.

Unfortunately, catching a break is often easier said than done.

How can you go about protecting the precious alone time that you need with your spouse? The children often interrupt the best-laid date night plans and the in-laws might arrive sooner than expected. It’s best to try to escape the house for a few days and spend that time investing in your marriage instead of catering to the chaos.

Take a break

The Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway provides the perfect opportunity to set your marriage on track before the holidays arrive. You can spend a long two-and-a-half days learning how to better communicate with your spouse and taking a break from the holiday circus. The tools you acquire at the getaway will come in handy when you return to the daily grind. You can embrace the stress of the holidays together by putting these skills into practice as soon as you head home.

Busy times call for a break. Prioritize your marriage relationship and your sanity this holiday season by slowing down before things get too hectic. Take time out of your busy schedule to attend the Weekend to Remember retreat. Instead of spending the holidays stressed to the max, you can rest in the quiet assurance that your relationship is stronger than ever before.

You’ll be grateful that you invested in your relationship early this holiday season.

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