Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I receive the Oneness Prayer Challenge?
You will receive a daily email.

2. What is in each day’s content?
Each day you will receive a short devotional—a Bible verse, some text, and a pair of prayers for the husband and wife.

3. What’s the best way to use this material?
Choose a time of day when you are together—perhaps during a meal, or just before you go to bed. Read through the material aloud and then pray together, following the direction of the “Praying together for our marriage” section for each day. And try praying out loud.

You might want to take turns reading through each day’s devotion. Once you get used to praying together, consider going a bit longer by adding some personal requests—for your family, for difficult situations you are facing. Another idea would be to read a couple additional Bible passages to begin your prayer time. You could start by praising God, using passages such as Psalm 86, Psalm 103, or Psalm 145.

4. What if I feel uncomfortable praying with my spouse?
Prayer is an intimate experience, and praying aloud with your spouse can feel awkward. But it’s that very intimacy that helps make it so powerful in a marriage. We suggest you give it a try. Follow the directions in each day’s devotion and pray about the suggested topic. Don’t worry if your prayers feel short or abrupt. Commit to doing this several days in a row, and see if your feelings of awkwardness begin to change. As you grow more comfortable together, gradually spend more time in prayer.

If you persevere, your level of comfort should improve with each passing day.

5. What if my spouse doesn’t want to do this?
Encourage your spouse to try for a couple days. If that doesn’t work, don’t push. There’s nothing wrong with going through the devotions on your own. Use it as an opportunity to pray for your relationship.

6. We’re barely hanging on in our relationship! Can prayer help us at this point?
Prayer always helps—but you will need to be wise about praying together. If both of you desire to make your relationship work, and you are willing to take a step of faith, then praying together should help you connect with God and with each other—and that’s a good thing. If you’re the one who is working hardest to improve your relationship, and especially if your spouse is not a believer or is spiritually apathetic—then ask God for wisdom about whether to suggest participating together in this 30-day Oneness Challenge. You may want to go through it on your own.

7. What can I do after the 30-day Oneness Challenge is over?
Our best advice is to keep on going! Now that you’ve begun a new daily ritual, continue to meet together for prayer each day.