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Let Kids Be Kids

with Ron Deal | November 27, 2023
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Parents need to be reminded: Kids don't think like us.

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Parents need to be reminded: Kids don’t think like us.

Let Kids Be Kids

With Ron Deal
November 27, 2023
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Ron: Parents need to be reminded: Kids don’t think like us.

Announcer: For FamilyLife Blended®, here’s Ron Deal.

Ron: No, kids don’t always see it the way we do. Like at the end of a hard day, you just want a little peace and quiet, but they want to play and make noise and be with you! Kids don’t always see co-parenting the way you do either. You want a 50/50 visitation time because that’s fair. But kids, they don’t keep track of time. They just want to love and have reliable, predictable contact with both parents.

Or you think your former spouse is a crazy loon. Your kids don’t care. They love them and they don’t want to show preference for one of you over the other. So, take their perspective into consideration. Be a parent and think like a parent, but let your kids be kids. For FamilyLife Blended I’m Ron Deal.

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