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Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5)

with Ron Deal | February 8, 2024
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You know it's good to be poor.

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Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5)

With Ron Deal
February 08, 2024
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Ron: You know it’s good to be poor.

Announcer: For FamilyLife Blended®, here’s Ron Deal.

Ron: “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” said Jesus in Matthew 5, “for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” To be poor in spirit is not to be financially poor, or to think poorly of yourself. It’s to think rightly about yourself before God. Now, a spiritually proud person doesn’t need God because they are self-sufficient. They make up their own rules and bow only to themselves.

But someone who is poor in spirit does need God and knows it. That person is for whom the kingdom is prepared. And, I believe that person will find relationship with others who are poor in spirit much more attainable. So, what would God say about you today? Are you poor? For FamilyLife Blended I’m Ron Deal.

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