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37: Co-Parents, Teachers, and Your Child’s Education

with Allison Weatter, Gayla Grace, Nan Deal, Steven Helmick | August 31, 2020
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Parents, stepparents and school representatives (teachers, counselors, and administrators) all play a role in helping school-home relationships thrive. But not everyone knows how to play that role. Ron Deal is joined by school counselor Allison Weatter, principal Steven Helmick, and teacher Nan Deal, along with stepmom and author Gayla Grace, for a panel discussion on this important subject. As a parent or stepparent, how can you help teachers understand your unique stepfamily dynamics and relate to your child better? As a teacher or school counselor, how can you better advocate for and look out for your students who live in stepfamily or single parent homes? Kids wear different backpacks to school with baggage they're carrying from life experiences. Listen in for some great ideas on how to help lighten their load as a parent, stepparent, or school representative.

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As a teacher, school administrator, or parent/stepparent, what can you do to make school-home relationships thrive? Ron Deal conducts a panel discussion with a school prinicpal, counselor, and teacher, along with Gayla Grace, on this important subject.