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25 Years of Radio: Bloopers and Humor

with Bob Lepine, Dennis Rainey | December 26, 2017
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In 25 years of programing, a number of sound-bites have hit the cutting room floor. Hear some of the goof-ups by Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, and a number of our guests through the years.

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  • In 25 years of programing, a number of sound-bites have hit the cutting room floor. Hear some of the goof-ups by Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, and a number of our guests through the years.

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    Dave and Ann Wilson are hosts of FamilyLife Today®, FamilyLife’s nationally-syndicated radio program. Dave and Ann have been married for more than 38 years and have spent the last 33 teaching and mentoring couples and parents across the country. They have been featured speakers at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway since 1993 and have also hosted their own marriage conferences across the country. Cofounders of Kensington Church—a national, multicampus church that hosts more than 14,000 visitors every weekend—the Wilsons are the creative force behind DVD teaching series Rock Your Marriage and The Survival Guide To Parenting, as well as authors of the recently released book Vertical Marriage (Zondervan, 2019). Dave is a graduate of the International School of Theology, where he received a Master of Divinity degree. A Ball State University Hall of Fame quarterback, Dave served the Detroit Lions as chaplain for 33 years. Ann attended the University of Kentucky. She has been active alongside Dave in ministry as a speaker, writer, small-group leader, and mentor to countless wives of professional athletes. The Wilsons live in the Detroit area. They have three grown sons, CJ, Austin, and Cody, three daughters-in-law, and a growing number of grandchildren.

In 25 years of programing, a number of sound-bites have hit the cutting room floor. Hear some of the goof-ups by Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, and a number of our guests through the years.

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25 Years of Radio: Bloopers and Humor

With Bob Lepine, Dennis Rainey
December 26, 2017
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Bob: When you’ve been on the radio for more than 25 years it’s highly likely that you’ve used some of the same phrases—more than a couple of times.

[Recorded audio]


Emmitt: I can’t verify the numbers, you know, I don’t make this stuff up—I just read what’s on here. [Laughter] But the number I have is 24,568 “No doubt about it, Bob”. [Laughter] Is that true?

Dennis: Yes. Exactly!

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: [Laughter] No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.


Bob: This is FamilyLife Today for Tuesday, December 26th. Our host is—(pause) Dennis Rainey—no doubt about it—and I'm Bob Lepine.  We’re going to hear some of the highlights from the last 25 years—including some of those moments that never made it on the air— [Laughter] —we’ll hear some bloopers today. Stay with us.


[Recorded audio]

Dennis: No doubt about it, I’m guilty of all of them!


Bob: Welcome to FamilyLife Today. Thanks for joining us on the Tuesday edition.

We’re going to have some fun—have a few laughs today—but before we do that, did you have a nice Christmas? Did you relax? Did you stay home?

Dennis: Outstanding!

Bob: You just kind of chilled, didn’t you?

Dennis: We kind of chilled and stayed home. I’ll tell you what—it’s just a great time of the year. There’s no place like being home, Bob.

Bob: Peace on earth, goodwill to men?

Dennis: No doubt about it, especially with my bride of 45 years. I love my kids, love my grandkids, but at Christmastime, it’s really a lot of fun to be with Barbara.

Bob: So you just had kind of a quiet Christmas this year.

Dennis: Yes. Yes, it was quiet. Speaking of doing the opposite of quiet, we’re going to laugh a lot on the broadcast.

Bob: We are! Of course, this is a significant week for us here at FL because we are headed toward the end of 2017. It’s been a great year. We’ve had a lot happen this year in terms of ministry and we are excited about what’s ahead for us in 2018.



Dennis: Bob, the realities are this broadcast is brought to you by Legacy Partners from all over the country—by folks who give at the end of the year and say, “We agree with what you are doing—standing firm for marriage, biblical definition of marriage and family—and we want to encourage you to grow and to keep going and to have an even bigger impact.”

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Again the website——or call 1-800-358-6329, that’s 1-800-“F” as in Family, “L” as in Life, and then word TODAY—join us in bringing help and hope to listeners all around the world.

Dennis: We’re not asking you to do something that Bob and MaryAnn—Barbara and I are not doing as well. We’re stakeholders in this ministry too, with our donations, and have been doing for decades. Pick up the phone and call right now—or go online to and make a generous donation.

Bob: We celebrated earlier this year the fact that has been on the air now for 25 years and as part of that Silver Anniversary Celebration—

Dennis: Speaking of the color of your hair!

Bob: Oh, thanks! Thank you! Thank you. Now it is true that both my hair and my beard are grey. Dennis is happy to point that out because you still have your original brown hair.

Dennis: You know what? We get calls here at the Call Center.

Bob: They want to know what kind of color you use for your hair.

Dennis: They want to know what kind of shoe polish I’m using. [Laughter]


Dennis: I told the folks down at the Call Center, “Tell them the truth—what you see is what you get!”

Bob: That’s the original color. You’re not doing a thing with it.

Dennis: It is! You work with me.

Bob: How does somebody get to be a mature adult—[Laughter] —and have natural color hair like that? Is it something you’ve been eating? How did you make that happen?

Dennis: Let me tell you the secret.

Bob: We’re all waiting to hear.

Dennis: I was born to Hook and Dousey Rainey.

Bob: Yes.

Dennis: I have no idea because my grandfather, O.T.—Oliver Theodore—had white hair. He had a full head of hair at the end of his life when they celebrated their 50th anniversary—and I will never forget it. His hair was snow white. I thought growing old, that’s what I’d look like, but I looked more like my dad at that point—and my dad didn’t have many grey hairs either.

Bob: It’s really kind of annoying, I’d just let you know. [Laughter] You have more hair than I have—and your hair is a youthful color.



Dennis: You know—we’ve got some early pictures. Let’s put them online, Keith. Let’s put some of those before and after shots.

Bob: Before and after— [Laughter]

Dennis: Shall we?

Bob: Here’s what we’re going to do—

Dennis: I may be mature—

Bob: Over—

Dennis: —in age—

Bob: Over the past 25 years, one of the things that has been true about FamilyLife Today is that we have just been real with folks. That means that every once in a while we get a little carried away with things like hair color or whatever—and it leads to laughter. I don’t know if you remember, but I came in one day and told you about a little confrontation I’d had with my wife over a purchase I had made.

Dennis: Would that be straws?

Bob: Well, let’s listen.

[Recorded audio]

Bob: I went to Sam’s one day and my wife had mentioned that we were out of straws. You remember this, right? [Laughter] So Sam’s had straws—you could buy a box of straws at Sam’s—


—$10 for 3,000 straws—that is—that is 1/3 penny per straw. At the store you can buy 50 straws for $1. I looked at that and said, “This is the bargain of a lifetime. It’s a lifetime supply of straws.” I bought the straws and came home. My wife’s response to my meeting this need of hers was, “I’m never sending you to the store to buy straws again!” [Laughter]

I’d like to do a poll. Can I do a poll on the internet to find out who was right? Me and my 3000 straws?


Dennis: I think this is a good poll.


Bob: Absolutely!

Dennis: I think this is a good poll.

Bob: 3,000 straws for $10, or buying a box of 50 straws for $1.

Dennis: I want to say this. I know that the men who would buy the 10,000 straw—

Bob: 3,000!

Dennis: 10,000 straw box—you’re going to want to be tempted to vote more than once because you’re going to feel outnumbered—but please have integrity.

Bob: Only one vote per household.

Dennis: No, only per person.

Bob: Per person. I guess the household can split on that.



Dennis: I have a question for you.

Bob: Yes?

Dennis: We ought to do a straw poll on this.

Bob: Again.

Dennis: Another one. How many of you think those straws are still in Bob’s garage? [Laughter] Or the attic? Or maybe the dumpster?

Bob: Do you want to know?

Dennis: Yes.

Bob: We wound up donating a large number of straws to the church kitchen—[Laughter] —at one point and that helped clear them out. I was happy to make that donation and I took it as a tax deduction on my income taxes. I think it was $4.37 worth of straws that we took as a tax deduction. I’m not the only person who is committed to frugality and to thriftiness, because you had a moment where you were talking about how to be frugal. I don’t know if you remember this or not—listen.

Dennis: I don’t!

[Recorded audio]

Bob: Do you use real vanilla or do you use that cheap vanilla.

MaryAnn: I use real vanilla and I have learned how to buy real vanilla on sale as well.

Dennis: Okay—and where do you find that?

MaryAnn: I watch the sale prices.


Dennis: Just watch them? Or if you have a friend going to Mexico they can bring back, I mean, big bottles of vanilla at a discount price.

Bob: In fact, we’re selling it through the FamilyLife Resource Center at a discount this week! [Laughter] We just asked a friend to bring it back! [Laughter] We’re doing a FamilyLife marriage conference in Mexico City and we’re bringing it back—and bringing back a lot of vanilla.


Dennis: Just the other day, Barbara was checking our supplies,

Bob: Of vanilla?

Dennis: We have plenty of vanilla, so call the 800 number folks—we still have it available at the FamilyLife Resource Center.

Bob: We’ve got some straws if you want to drink your vanilla with, so we’re in good shape. Okay, here is some of—

Dennis: My face is hurting!


Bob: —A lot of this is never been heard by listeners before, because some of this did not make it on the broadcast.

Dennis: For good reason!

Bob: Yes! We have had authors who have joined us and we’ve started to probe them about—

Dennis: Bob, we’ve had hundreds—hundreds of authors!

Bob: We’ve had hundreds, but there are some where we’ve started to ask them questions about what they have written and they couldn’t remember, like a friend of ours who wrote a bunch of novels. Listen to this.

[Recorded audio]

Dennis: Tim, you’ve written other Bug Man novels.

Tim: I have.

Dennis: Just quickly run through them and tell our listeners what each one is about.

Shoo-Fly Pie

Tim: Shoo Fly Pie was my first Bug Man novel. It’s the one that introduces—this is embarrassing, but I blank on these things! [Laughter]

Bob: You can’t remember what it’s about.

Tim: I can’t remember character names—

Bob: This is the sheriff in the little town.

Tim: Oh, yes! How’d that go?

Dennis: It was a good one!

Tim: Oh, it was good?

Dennis: Yes! That happens!

Bob: After 50!

Dennis: Problem is—you’re not 50!



You guys have written a book, called Becoming a Dad. In fact you tell a story about a counselee who came into your office one time and literally asked you, “I’ve become a dad, now what?”

David Thomas: Do you remember the story? [Laughter]

Dennis: This isn’t TV.

Stephen James: We wrote this book two years ago!

Bob: Page 84 and 85!

David: It was your client.

Stephen: Was it really?

Bob: Page 84 and 85.

Dennis: It happens to the best of them.

Stephen: I remember all my clients, they are so important to me!

Dennis: Yes!


Bob: You’ve actually had this happen to you when you’ve been interviewed on other radio programs and they’ve asked you stories from your books and you blank on them, right?

Dennis: Of course! I mean, you can’t write several books—

Bob: How many books?

Dennis: It’s close to 50—authored or co-authored.

Bob: Really?

Dennis: Yes.

Bob: That’s a lot of books.

Dennis: It’s a lot of books and when they ask you a story that they know what page it’s on—I promise you there are blanks that occur between the ears!



Bob: But you would think on big concepts—on big ideas—things that have defined your ministry—you would think that you would remember those.

Dennis: Of course you would. You would think that anybody that had written a book that had sold millions of copies—like Gary Chapman—would remember every one of the five love languages!

Bob: I was just with Gary Chapman last week. I was reminiscing on the day that he and Ross Campbell were together in the studio. They had co-authored a book on the Five Love Languages for Children, and we asked Gary just to summarize those five for us.

[Recorded Audio]

Bob: Gary, go over for us the five love languages that you talk about in the book.

Gary: Well, they are basically, physical touch, giving gifts, quality time, giving the child your undivided attention, focusing on the child, and number five is— [Laughter]

Dennis: We’re going to leave that on the broadcast, gentlemen!

Gary: These are love languages—not memory tools.

Dennis: That’s exactly right!


Bob: He completely blanked on his five love—


Dennis: Did you hear what they said? These are love languages—not memory tools?

Bob: Yes! So the next day we decided—out of mercy for Gary Chapman—we’d ask Ross Campbell this time to give us the five love languages. Here’s what happened.

[Recorded Audio]

Ross: Every child has to have their emotional tanks filled and this the way we do it—by the five love languages.

Bob: And they are?

Ross: The first one is physical touch, the second one is words of affirmation, and then quality time, and then gifts, and then words of affirmation—

Bob: No! No! [Laughter] You got—

Ross: Acts of service! [Laughter] Oh, No!! I did it—I did it! Alright, I did it!

Bob: Our listeners need to know that yesterday, Dr. Chapman—

Dennis: He fumbled the ball.

Bob: He only got four out of five. Today, Dr. Campbell repeats one and thinks he has scored a touchdown.

Dennis: You know what I wonder? I wonder if there is a ghost writer who wrote that book. [Laughter]



Bob: We also had as—this was a classic moment when Max Lucado joined us on FamilyLifeToday. He’d written a book on God’s grace and he was telling us a story how God had demonstrated grace to someone and at the end of that story he—well, just listen.

[Recorded Audio]

Max: I looked up and across the table. The father winked at me, and the mother smiled at me. They reached over, and they petted me.” He thought, “I may be in a place called home.” They adopted him, and he went on to grow up in that home and to lead a wonderful life. He gave his heart to Christ and became a great Christian man. The whole reason I put that story in the Bible is because that is a picture of—

Dennis: In your book, in your book!

Bob: In the book, not in the Bible.

Max: That would not be a good idea! The reason Moses, and Paul and I collaborated on that book, [Bell sounds]

Keith: Take two!

Max: The reason I put that story in the Bible was because—


Dennis: You said it again. [Laughter]


Max: Well someone in heaven is laughing at me.

Dennis: Oh yes, they are! [Bell Sounds]

Keith: Take three.

Dennis: Okay now try.

Max: Okay, I got it! The reason I put that story in my Bible is because that’s—

Dennis: Daaaaah!

Bob: Now you’re stuck on putting that story in the Bible!

Max: I’m stuck!

Dennis: Say “book”

Max: Book!

Dennis: Say it again! [Bell]

Keith: Take four!

Max: The reason I put that story in my book is because that’s a picture of grace. That is a picture of grace—that we have been adopted. In fact, that’s biblical language; isn’t it—that we have been adopted into the family of God—that God’s made a covenant with us to bring us and let us sit at the table and spend eternity with Him.

Bob: It’s a picture of grace that God didn’t strike you dead for putting a story in the Bible. I thought I’d just throw that in.

Max: You can cut that out, too! [Laughter]


Bob: When those moments happen, you just never let your friends forget.

Dennis: No, you don’t! Then you play them multiple times like we have on Max. That’s one of my top five; right there!


Bob: That’s a classic blooper from FamilyLife Today history. We should add here it’s not just the guests—but it’s the host and co-host who have also fumbled on occasion. I mean, when you talk as much as we talk you’re going to mix up some words.

Dennis: Do you have any idea how many words we’ve offered here on FamilyLife Today?

Bob: I don’t.

Dennis: Keith Lynch, our steady, trusted engineer—

Bob: He did the math?

Dennis: —actually did the math and Keith—how many words in 25 years have Bob and I and the guests spoken?

Keith: I think it’s 27 million now—on the air.

Bob: So—out of 27 million words—you would think we might flub up one or two.

Dennis: Occasionally; occasionally!

Bob: Here are some of the flubs that never made it on the air.

[Previous Audio]

Bob: On the Tuesday edition, we’re talking about how we can wa—[Elmer Fudd voice] ‘how we can waise wise childwen’. He-wo, today we talk about ‘waising wise…

[Bob having trouble saying the word, ‘accompanying’]

Ask for the workbook entitled Understanding One Another and the ucomthing…

[rewind sound]

And the ‘acompaning’

[rewind sound]

And the ‘acompany-

[rewind sound]

[Speaking very slowly] ‘accompanying’



‘And the audio cassettes that go with it.’



Bob: A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey,

[Bob trying to correctly pronounce “Barbara Rainey”]

‘Bobwa Waney’, It still sounds like I’m saying ‘Bobwa’ doesn’t it?

By ‘Barber’ Rainey. Now it sounds like I said, ‘Barber’.

Barbara: Why don’t you have time?

Bob: Well, it—it—it— [Laughter] —I—I—I don’t have time to think of an answer.

Barbara: You didn’t give me a chance to think.

Dennis: —does find its way into the medical community and to pe-di-a-tra-shuns-.

[sound of needle sliding across on record album]

Bob: Pediatrashuns? That’s a good one!

Dennis: And in 1998, George finished work on a Doctorate in New Testament Studies from Loyla? Did I say that right?

Bob: [Speaking slowly] Loyola.


Dennis: [Speaking slowly] Loyola? New Testament Studies from Lo-oil-la—

Bob: [Speaking slowly] Loy-o-la.

Dennis: Loy-oil-la.

Bob: [Very slowly] Loy-o-la. [Train engine and it’s whistle can be heard]

Dennis: Anyway from that University— [Laughter]

Bob: Oh, here we go—



Dennis: —in New Testament Studies from Loy-oi-la—why can’t I say that?

Bob: I don’t know! “Loy-yo”, get the “yo” in there.

Dennis: Yo!

Bob: Yo-loy-a [Laughter] Now I can’t say it! Loy-o-la! Loy-o-la— Loy-o-la— Loy-o-la— Loy-o-la— Loy-o-la— Loy-o-la—

Dennis & Bob together: Loy-o-la—

Dennis: Now I get you messed up now! Loy-o-la! There you go! There we go!

Bob: There you go!

Dennis: He got his degree in New Testament studies from Loy-oy-la. [Laughter] We’ve found another one!!

Bob: Toll-free number, 1-800-368— No. 1-800— what is it?

Barbara: —6328

Dennis: —3586

Bob: 1-800-538-6358

Keith: —6358

Bob: —man with all the men in one room, we put all the women in another room and we talk puddy—[in Tweety Bird voice] and we talk puddy, puddy stuwated, [Laughter] stuwated, puddy stwate about their job description. We say, “You silly wabbit!”

[Laughter with garbled words!]

You’ve just witnessed making radio saw-sage!



You mean that doesn’t make sense to you? Makes perfect sense to me!

It’s gonna be a weally good show as we Waise wise Childwen.

To the editor, sorry about that!


Bob: There you go—some of the moments where our words have just gotten jumbled.

Dennis: Laughter is good for the soul. I suppose as listeners come up and introduce themselves to us, Bob, the first thing they mention—they appreciate the biblical integrity that FamilyLife Today has—being real, and authentic, and practical. But right up there in the top two or three, is that we know how to laugh at ourselves, and have a good time—and they enjoy laughing with us. I think today—more than perhaps at any point in our nation’s history—occasionally we just need a good laugh that goes all the way down to the belly and it just shakes from your toes to the top of your head.



Bob: You remember? I remember the first week we recorded our very first FamilyLife Today programs. In the middle of the recording, you said something—or I said something—we cracked each other up. I said to you later—I said, “We can edit that out.” And you said, “Why?” I thought, “This is going to be fun” —because most Christian radio programs don’t include a whole lot of laughter—but life needs to include a little laughter; doesn’t it?

Dennis: He made me and He made you—and I think God’s got a great sense of humor. In fact, I know that Jesus Christ was a man of sorrows, but I have to believe that He enjoyed laughing with the disciples from time to time. It’s not recorded in the New Testament, but I can’t imagine the Creator of the universe, not only creating smiles and laughter but also enjoying that as well.

Bob: We had a Staff meeting where we gathered together—the FamilyLife staff—and reflected on the legacy of FamilyLife Today.


Emmitt Fowler—who works here—brought out some of these bloopers for us and shared them with the staff. Here’s how that exchange went.

Dennis: They enjoyed it a little bit too much.

Bob: Yes they did![

[Previous Audio]

Emmitt: Hey, Keith, grab a microphone there, real quick. I’m just going to have you give some of these numbers that you and I were discussing earlier. You already mentioned 5200—

Keith: Monday.

Emmitt: Monday will be 5200 programs.

Keith: Yes!

Emmitt: How many words do you estimate that you have heard Dennis and Bob utter over the last 20 years?

Keith: Different words? [Laughter]

Emmitt: I know there—I know there are some repeats in there.

Bob: It’s in the sixties now!

Dennis: Keith, you really hurt me on that one. I know I have a limited vocabulary but—

Bob: Are you counting “yesterday” and “yesterdee” as two words?

Dennis: Or “progrum” and “program”?

Bob: And “program”! Yes—two different words!



Emmitt: Now the number I have—and again I can’t verify the numbers—I don’t make this stuff up—I just read what’s on here. But the number I have is 24,568 “No doubt about it, Bob”. [Laughter]

Bob: Is that true?

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Bob: Just say, “No doubt about it.”

Dennis: No doubt about it. In fact—

Bob: Just say, “No doubt about it.”

Dennis: No doubt about it. Our guest—

Bob: Just say, “No doubt about it.”

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: There’s no doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: [Laughing] No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it.

Dennis: No doubt about it—I’m guilty of all of them!

Dennis: That one wasn’t funny! It’s going to go downhill from here!

Emmitt: Well, you know what?

Dennis: Yes, you know what?

Emmitt: It gets worse! 33,143 “You know what’s?”


Bob: “You know what?” Yes.

Emmitt: But he doesn’t get off the hook—I’ve got 29,339 “Mm-hmm.”

Bob: Mm-hmm.

Emmitt: Powerful! He’s a very agreeable person.

Dennis: No, he had indigestion! [Laughter]


Bob: As you said the staff had a little too much fun with that. We dismissed several of them right after that was over.

Dennis: We did, we did! [Laughter] Neither one of them, but you’ve got a chance to come back.

I just wanted to thank our listeners here as we conclude our year. Thanks for listening.  Thanks for enjoying our laughter with us—for standing with us. I just want to remind you that the matching challenge is in place all the way until December 31st at midnight. If you give—dollar for dollar—your gift will be matched.

I was sitting there thinking, Bob, I wonder what’s a laugh worth? Well, a laugh may not be worth much, but you start talking about what’s a changed life worth.

Bob: That’s right.


Dennis: That’s the real laughter of heaven—the applause of heaven. When God reaches down and touches a person’s life, He uses His Word—which we use here—frequently here on FamilyLife Today  and help somebody get with God’s program and obey Him and become God’s man—God’s woman, husband, wife, parent, grandparent—and equip them to do a better job at that. If you want to stand with us, there’s no better time than right now.

Bob: I was going to say, “There’s no doubt about it”—but that’ll just end up on the next reel—the next blooper reel if I say that. We try to make it as simple as possible and hope our listeners will get in touch with us this week and make a year-end contribution to support this ministry. It’s easy to do online—simply go to—you can donate there. Or you can call—we’ve got folks taking phone calls during the day. 1-800-FL-TODAY is our number—1-800-358-6329.

Of course you make write a year-end contribution—


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Now, tomorrow we‘re going to spend a little more time revisiting some of the highlights of the last 25 years, so I hope you can be with us for that.

I want to thank our engineer today, Keith Lynch, and along with our entire broadcast production team. On behalf of our host, Dennis Rainey, I'm Bob Lepine. We will see you back tomorrow for another edition of FamilyLife Today.

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