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Grappling With Infertility

with Russell Moore | April 25, 2011
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Could God be leading you to adoption? Today, Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary, talks honestly about his family’s struggle with infertility and recalls the precious moment when he opened his heart and mind to the idea of adoption.

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  • Could God be leading you to adoption? Today, Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary, talks honestly about his family’s struggle with infertility and recalls the precious moment when he opened his heart and mind to the idea of adoption.

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Could God be leading you to adoption?

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Grappling With Infertility

With Russell Moore
April 25, 2011
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Bob:  How long had you been going to the fertility doctor when the issue of adoption first surfaced?

Dr. Moore:  Probably about a year. 

Bob:   Okay.  Were there things that you had moved off the table in terms of reproductive options?

Dr. Moore:  Yes!  We have convictions against in vitro fertilization and those kinds of things, but if we didn’t have so many people around us who knew those things, so that we would be seen as hypocrites if we did them, then we would have been very easily talked into doing all kinds of things. 

Dennis:  You know what I hear is you’re talking about here the enormous pain of infertility that couples suffer privately that many of us get close to, but probably don’t get close enough; one that we need to probably enter in with a couple, and bear their burdens with them.  And pray for them and encourage them and then move them beyond the sense of loss that can come, and does come, for that matter, with infertility.   Challenge them to consider adoption as an alternative.

Dr. Moore:  Exactly.

Dennis:  And then surround couples with godly advisors, perhaps others who have adopted to help them count the cost.  This is not an easy thing to adopt another human being and to graft them in to your family, even if God does call you. 

Bob:    Well, and when you talk to a guy who is working on his PhD in Theology, and his thinking about children and adoption… Is this fair to say? … had been more influenced by the culture than by the Scriptures?

Dr. Moore:  Absolutely. Absolutely.  And one of the problems too with infertility is that what we typically do in our churches is we cordon off everybody who is infertile, and we put them in a support group somewhere in the basement of the church building. 


Dennis:  Kind of a quarantine? 

Dr. Moore:  They are there talking to one another, being led by someone who is coming in talking about the pain of infertility, rather than putting people who are infertile together with people who have children who are also praying with them and with people who have adopted children.

We followed in our church a James 5 pattern of anointing with oil and praying with the elders of the church.  This infertility, this aspect of the curse, is being prayed over.  If we had had people in our lives that we knew who had adopted children, that would have been such an aspect of hope that we could have really benefitted from at the time. 

Bob:  I just wonder how many of our listeners…, they’re thinking about children, about adoption, about infertility, just like you were more shaped by what the culture  says than by what the Scriptures say.  And that is why I appreciate what you have done in the book, Adopted for Life.  You are taking us back to a gospel understanding of adoption, understanding the great picture that God has given us in our adoption as sons, and then saying we can mirror God by being adoptive parents.  What a great picture that is! 

I just want to encourage listeners whether you are thinking about adoption or not, this book by Dr. Russell Moore is an outstanding book.  It is called Adopted for Life and we have copies of it in the FamilyLife Today Resource Center.   You can go to our website for more information about how you can get a copy. 

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And let me encourage you to be back with us tomorrow.  Russell Moore is going to be here again.  We’re going to continue talking about this theme of adoption, and I hope you can tune in.

I want to thank our engineer today, Keith Lynch, and our entire broadcast production team.  On behalf of our host Dennis Rainey, I am Bob Lepine.  We will see you back next time for another edition of FamilyLife Today.

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