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Step Up Young Man

with Voddie Baucham | October 8, 2012
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What does it mean when a young man asks a woman's father for her hand in marriage? Pastor Voddie Baucham talks with Dennis Rainey about the significance of the hand-off from a bride's father to her fiancé, as well as the characteristics a young man must have that show he is ready to marry.

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  • What does it mean when a young man asks a woman's father for her hand in marriage? Pastor Voddie Baucham talks with Dennis Rainey about the significance of the hand-off from a bride's father to her fiancé, as well as the characteristics a young man must have that show he is ready to marry.

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What does it mean when a young man asks a woman’s father for her hand in marriage?

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Step Up Young Man

With Voddie Baucham
October 08, 2012
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Bob:  Do you envision that she will find him, and you will vet him; or you will find him and vet him before she’s ever in the picture?

Dennis:  You are talking about an arranged marriage, here, Bob.

Bob:  That’s what I’m trying to figure out—how this is going to work in the Baucham household.

Dennis:  Are you saying you’d like to arrange?  I know you’d like to.  I can see it in your eyes. 

Voddie:  I’d love to; I’d love to!

Dennis:  You know what?  It would have been good for me.  The entire American dating scene is not a healthy deal.

Voddie:  Oh, no; but let me say, ideally, I would really like for the situation to be something like this—she and I talk, all the time.  We’ve talked a lot about the kind of man that I think she needs—just because of what I see in her and what I know of her.  We sit and we have these kinds of conversations, “Now, you know because of this part of you and your personality, you really don’t—”   She doesn’t need a weak man.  He’d be sitting over in the corner with his thumb in his mouth somewhere.  So, no weak men!  [Laughter] 

Those are the kinds of things that we talk about; but because of that, if it happened that she were interested in a guy, and we find out about her interest in a guy, I still go do the vetting process before she gets close enough to give herself to him emotionally.

Bob:  That means you have got to be right there on top of it, involved,—

Voddie:  Absolutely. 

Bob:  —engaged—because a lot of dads would say, “You know, my daughter is off at college.  I don’t know who she is running into.  Her heart will be gone before I ever see it.”

Voddie:  Yes.

Bob:  To have her on your team, she’ll know to come and say, “Daddy, I’ve noticed this guy.”

Voddie:  Yes.

Bob:  But a lot of guys don’t know their daughter’s even dating anybody until she comes home and says, “I’m engaged.” 

Voddie:  Absolutely; absolutely.  That’s why one of the whole points of this book is about establishing this foundational, fundamental understanding of our relationship to our daughter—our responsibility as a husband and father—and understanding that this is just an extension and an expression of that—not a separate issue. 

A lot of the difficulty, when people think through—you think about the concept of what he must be and about the concept of this book—immediately, our minds go to all the obstacles and difficulties because of how broken our culture is.  The point is—this is not some kind of panacea. 

Dennis:  No.

Voddie:  This is a piece of a bigger puzzle.  You build on the foundation of our understanding the role and responsibility of a man in his household.  It goes far beyond the issue of courtship.  Okay?  This, then, becomes a natural extension of that as opposed to this sort of piece out there that we are just going to grab onto and force into the context. 

Bob:  This is one application of a much bigger issue.

Voddie:  Yes!  Yes; yes.

Dennis:  What you are calling men to do, ultimately, is to step up and assume their responsibility, under the leadership of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and being surrendered to Christ in their own lives— 

Voddie:  Absolutely.

Dennis:  —and saying, “Oh, God, help me, in my weakness, know how to lead, love, protect, and guide my children as they emerge into adulthood and as we let the arrows go.”

Voddie:  Absolutely; absolutely.

Bob:  We should say here, you’re not just calling men to step up in this particular area, although your book, What He Must Be...if He Wants to Marry My Daughter, is focused on this subject.  Voddie is one of the guys who is going to be part of the Stepping Up Super Saturday event that we are hoping will be hosted in hundreds of churches—more than a thousand churches—coming up in February of 2013.

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I want to thank our engineer today, Keith Lynch, and our entire broadcast production team.  On behalf of our host, Dennis Rainey, I'm Bob Lepine.  We will see you back next time for another edition of FamilyLife Today

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