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Teaching Teens to Follow the Rules, Part 1

with Dennis Rainey | May 14, 2009
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Are your kids testing your boundaries? Today Dennis Rainey tells parents about the benefits of healthy boundaries, and what they need to do to pass on a legitimate faith in Christ to the next generation.

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  • Are your kids testing your boundaries? Today Dennis Rainey tells parents about the benefits of healthy boundaries, and what they need to do to pass on a legitimate faith in Christ to the next generation.

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Are your kids testing your boundaries?

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Teaching Teens to Follow the Rules, Part 1

With Dennis Rainey
May 14, 2009
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Bob:  that’s right. I need to take this message so they will hear it. Then they’ll change and obey and it’ll all be happy.

Dennis:  it’s happily ever after, bob (laughing).

I’ve got 3 points real quickly:

  1. Your teenager, from time to time, will manifest rebellion.  In anger and a major pushback.  Or, more subtle to see your child get passive and just refuse to do what you ask them to do.
  2. Keep on training your teen in the importance of submitting to authority and obedience to authority.  That begins with you and that means don’t quit training your teenager.  Bob, if there is a concern I have with the Christian community; it’s that many Christian parents are backing out of their teenager’s lives way too soon. They’re quitting. Their leaving their teenager to establish their own boundaries, or get their boundaries from their friends, their peers.  Don’t stop training your teen.
  3. We must realize, we must model what we teach to our children.  That means our lives need to be defined biblically. And our lives need to be distinctively Christian, which means, our lives are going to have boundaries. We can’t do everything. We’d like to, just like our teenagers, but we can’t be overgrown adolescents attempting to raise teenagers. That won’t work. You’re going to have a big fight and it’s not going to result in your teenager’s becoming mature because how can you call a young person to maturity when I’m not embracing it?

Bob: one of the things you and Barbara talked about when you were writing your book Parenting Today’s Adolescent is that before parents attempt to establish the house rules, how we’re going to live as a family, mom and dad have got to spend some time wrestling with what those boundaries are going to be and how you’re going to establish them and hold to them and what you’re going to do if a child steps over the line.  How you’re going to discipline, train, equip, coach, motivate, encourage your teenager to obey mom and dad and to follow the guidelines. And again those may be set differently from one family to another. Some families have standards in one area where another family has different standards.  As moms and dads we have to come together and wrestle with what our priorities are going to be for our families and establish those boundaries and communicate them to our teenagers and let them know what the consequences are if they choose to violate our house rules.

We’ve got copies of your book PTA in our FL Resource center. And you take us through in this book the common traps that will ensnare a teenager during his or her teen years. And you help us think as parents about what our standards are going to be as our teens come face-to-face with those traps.  Whether it’s drug use & dating or part time jobs and dealing with school work. You really give us an opportunity in this book to wrestle with what’s important as we raise our teens.  As I mentioned, we’ve got copies of the book in our FamilyLife Resource Center. You can go to our website… and we’ve got information there, not only about that book, but we’ve also got information on other books that you’ve written about teens.  The book you wrote for dads, Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date, and the book you and your kids wrote for teenagers called, “So You’re About to be a Teenager” to help your pre-teen get ready for the teen years.

Again all the information about these resources can be found on our website, You can order online if you’d like, or you can call us toll free at 1-8/00-FL TODAY.

Look for information online at or call us, toll-free, at 1-800-F-as-in-family, L-as-in-life, and then the word TODAY. 1-800-F-as-in-family, L-as-in-life, and then the word TODAY.

When you get in touch with us let us know what resources you’re looking for and we’ll make arrangements to have the ones that you need sent to you.

Now, before we’re done here today, there’s an illustration that you shared in your message about the importance of parents living with integrity that we’re going to let our listeners hear. But I need to quickly update folks to the response that we’re receiving to the matching gift opportunity that we have presented to our FLT Listens over the last several weeks.

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As we wrap things up today, we’ve been talking about the importance of boundaries and the importance of character and integrity, how we need to train our children by modeling these kinds of attributes. And, Dennis, you shared a story with our staff during your message that I think we need to leave our listeners with.  A story that makes the point that our character really does matter. It’s a part of the legacy that we pass on to our children. 

Dennis:  A number of years ago, Readers Digest ran a popular story called “The catch of a lifetime.”  It was the story about a dad and a 10 year old boy who went fishing one night at 10PM.  Just 2 hours before the bass season opened at midnight. And they’d been drowning some worms catching pan fish and the little 10 year old boy, as the moon came up and the silver glint rippled across the surface of that lake where they were fishing, decided he would put on a little silver spoon lure and began casting.  Well, wouldn’t’ you know it, his pole doubled over and he had a big mouth. His dad watched with pleasure as the boy muscled the big fish all the way into the net. Finally arrived at the net, he lifted it up and it was a bass.  A monster.  The catch of a lifetime. The father looked at his watch – 2 hours before bass season opened.   What should he do? He said you’ll have to put it back in the lake son.  “Dad!!!!” cried the boy.  There will be another fish, said the father.  Not as big as this one, said the lad.

He cried as he looked around the lake. There were no other fishermen, no boats anywhere in the moonlight.  He looked again at his father… even though no one had seen them, the boy could tell by the clarity of his father’s voice that the decision was non negotiable.

I love that! 

He slowly worked the hook out of the lip of the huge bass and lowered it into the black water. The boy suspected that he would never again see such a fish. That was 34 years ago.  Today the boy is a successful architect in NY City. His father’s cabin is still there in the middle of that lake.  He takes his own son and daughter’s fishing from that very dock where his father took him fishing. 

You’ve got to be the keeper of the standard. Your children are watching you.

Bob: FamilyLife Today is a production of FamilyLife of Little Rock, Arkansas – help for today; hope for tomorrow. 

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