Arlene Pellicane

Arlene Pellicane is an author, speaker, and formerly served as the associate producer for Turning Point Television with Dr. David Jeremiah. Arlene earned her BA from Biola University and her Masters in Journalism from Regent University.

Arlene and her family make their home in southern California. You can learn more about her at

What Is A Wife

What Is a Wife?

Feminism, femininity, and “wifely duties,” how do you sort it out? Mary Kassian, Wayne Grudem, Russell Moore, Cindy Easley, and Arlene Pellicane give historical perspective and helpful insight.

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Wives Day 3

What Your Husband Needs: Respect

A man needs to be honored in his home, and one way to do that is through respect.

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Wives Day 2

Next Stop: Eros

Respect for our husbands has far-reaching effects, especially in the bedroom.

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Wives Day 1

Giving the Gift of Domestic Tranquility

Would others describe your home as peaceful?

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