Becket Cook

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Becket Cook moved to Los Angeles after college to pursue a career in writing and acting. He currently works as a production designer in the fashion world. He recently received his master's degree from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and spends much of his time in ministry, speaking on the issue of homosexuality at churches, universities, and conferences.

Episodes appearing in

Becket Cook tells the story of coming face to face with the God of the universe when he attended a church service. Becket tells how his belief in Christ has influenced and changed every part of his life. View Show Notes →
As Becket Cook moved through one relationship after another, he never remotely considered that God might be the answer to his restlessness. Cook tells how his encounter with God changed his life forever. View Show Notes →
Becket Cook tells how his Christian parents reacted when he finally came out to his family, and advises parents on what to do when their son or daughter comes out as being gay. View Show Notes →