Ben Stuart

Ben Stuart has been the Executive Director for Breakaway since the summer of 2005. He grew up in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University in 1998. After graduation, Ben served as a youth pastor in Spring, Texas, for five years. He then went on to receive a degree in Historical Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Donna, and their sweet daughters, Hannah and Sparrow. Ben’s passion in life is knowing God and making Him known.

Men Day 1

A Word to Singles

Is singleness a gift?

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Releasing Your Child Day 2

Facing Life’s Temptations

What kind of temptations can a student be expected to face on the college campus?

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Releasing Your Child Day 1

Flying in a Tight Formation

Ben Stuart talks with Dennis Rainey about the spiritual hunger on today’s college campus.

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