Bob and Vicki Maday

Bob and Vicki Maday are a remarried couple. They live in Peachtree City, Georgia and have five adult children, all married, and they are blessed with 14 grandchildren.

Bob and Vicki met after the deaths of both their spouses. Bob had a 34-year marriage with his first wife who died after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. Vicki had a 24-year marriage. Her husband died of a heart attack while the family was out on the lake together. The two met and married and began the journey of joining two families with adult stepchildren.

Bob and Vicki are physically active in their retirement years and in addition to loving on their grandchildren, they are avid golfers, hikers and enjoy traveling the world.

Bob and Vicki are members of First Baptist Church of Fayetteville Georgia where they provide lay leadership to the Marriage ministries of the church.

Bob and Vicki serve on the Blended and Blessed Advisory board with Ron Deal.

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