Bobby and Janice Love

Reverend Dr. Bobby Love, Sr is the senior pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Olathe, Kansas, where he has served for 31 years. He is also a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor for National Christian Counselors Association and established The Midwest Christian Counseling and Training Center.

Dr. Janice R. Love is the CEO of Pearls Perfected, a licensed Christian Counselor, a coach, a teacher and founder of Pearls Perfected Institute. She equips women for more fulfilling lives and happier marriages. Janice is the author of three best-selling books; One Plus One Equals Ten: A First Lady’s Survival Guide for Stepmoms; Divorced and Still Highly Favored; and Chosen for This: How to Be Married to Ministry and Have Your Own Life Calling.

Together, in response to their trials blending their family, Drs. Love established “Step with Love Ministries.” Their primary mission is to equip and support couples and churches to build strong marriages and communities. They reside in Olathe, KS and have 8 adult children, 2 grandchildren, and an adorable great grand-daughter.

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The end of your marriage doesn't mean the end of God's favor. But when you're in ministry, it can feel that way. Drs. Bobby & Janice Love speak with Ron Deal about how to manage the spotlight of ministry when you walk through divorce and remarriage. View Show Notes →