Craig and Gina Morgan

Craig is a public speaker and a leadership trainer. After building his own private business he has a passion for sharing the secrets of success based in commitment to his faith. Craig also has a passion for raising boys in a world where they are constantly challenged in finding their identity and place. As Co-founder of Blended Together Forever, Craig has been a National Sales Director with Primerica for 35 years. He loves all sports, plays golf, and loves reading. A gifted leader and communicator, Craig saw the need to help blended families everywhere. His speaking style combines humor, content, and a challenge to take action.

Gina is a gifted public speaker who relates to women of all walks of life and faith with authenticity and a sense of compassion. She has a passion for helping women overcome their past, and face the future grounded in their faith and trust in the Lord.  She easily speaks about addiction, recovery, and surviving sexual abuse from her own life experience.  Gina is an annual contributor to Hearts of Beauty, Texas. She regularly speaks to women’s conferences and retreats across the country, and is a motivational speaker at Corporate events and conferences encouraging women to excel regardless of their situation.

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Unpacking bumps and bruises on the blended family journey is part of readying yourself for stepfamily living. In this episode, Craig and Gina Morgan talk with Ron Deal and unpack some of their baggage and invite you to do the same as you listen. View Show Notes →