Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a bestselling author, international speaker and Writer in Residence at Second Baptist Church Houston, Texas.

He has written numerous books, which have sold over 1 million copies, have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and have won numerous awards. His writings have established him as a thought-leader in the areas of marriage, parenting and spiritual formation. His book Sacred Marriage has sold more than 700,000 copies, and its accompanying devotional was an ECPA Gold Medallion Award finalist.

Thomas has spoken at conferences, retreats, and college campuses in 49 states and nine countries, including appearances at the Focus on the Family National Marriage Simulcast, the Gaithers’ Praise Gathering and several National Pastor’s Conventions. He has also brought thousands of married couples closer together through his popular Sacred Marriage seminars.

As a prolific writer, Thomas has authored more than 150 articles published in major magazines, such as Christianity Today, Decision Magazine, Moody, Marriage Partnership, New Man, World, Charisma, and Discipleship Journal. His message has also been featured on national radio and television programs, such as FamilyLife Today and Focus on the Family.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Western Washington University. In addition, he holds a master’s degree with a concentration in systematic theology from Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he studied under Dr. J.I. Packer. In 2006, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Thomas is an avid runner who has completed 13 marathons, including Boston three times. He is married, has three children, and lives in Houston, Texas.

Contentment Or Comparison

Contentment or Comparison

Kay Wills Wyma, Gary Thomas and Priscilla Shirer help us remember to be content with the life we have and avoid the temptation to compare ourselves with others.

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The Sanctity Of Human Life

The Sanctity of Human Life

Life itself extends to our last dying breath. Gary Thomas, Jim Stroud, and Jim Garlow tell stories of caring for souls at the end of their lives.

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Spiritual Resolutions

Spiritual Resolutions

The new year just started and it’s possible you’ve already broken your resolutions. Dennis Rainey, Sam Allberry, Tony Evans, Jen Wilkin, and Gary Thomas outline some life habits with eternal significance.

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Love For A Lifetime

Love for a Lifetime

Marriage was intended to be a lifetime covenant. Be inspired and encouraged in your marriage commitment from guests Gary Thomas, Laura Story, and Voddie Baucham.

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Cherish 3

Cherish as Protection

Cherishing, begins with the desire to protect your spouse emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Cherish 2

To Love and to Cherish

Gary Thomas encourages husbands and wives to cherish their spouses by celebrating who they uniquely are. A person needs to see their spouse as their one and only, and must be careful not to compare.

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Cherish 1

What Does It Mean to Cherish?

Best-selling author Gary Thomas explains that when you show off the beauty of your spouse and showcase them instead of yourself, you are cherishing them.

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Marriage Beyond The Mundane

Marriage Beyond the Mundane

Take your marriage beyond the mediocre by following the advice of authors Dr. Joe Stowell, Dave Wilson, and Gary Thomas.

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Building A Marriage That Lasts 2

Embrace Marriage as Worship

Our greatest need is not to be loved, but to learn how to love one another. Gary Thomas explains we need to learn how to spread His love to others, starting with our spouses.

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Building A Marriage That Lasts 1

Seek First the Kingdom

A good marriage isn’t about finding the right person, it’s about building into the spouse you already have. Gary Thomas shares three pillars to building your marriage to last a lifetime.

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