Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts is a speaker, teacher, and author.  Karen has served in ministry since 1972 with her husband, Crawford, who is currently the Senior Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. Karen served as the keynote speaker for the True Woman conferences held by Revive Our Hearts. Karen and Crawford are also featured speakers at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage conferences. Karen enjoys her four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Your Marriage Today And Tomorrow 3

Leveraging Your Differences

Crawford and Karen Loritts share how they’ve learned to leverage their distinctive differences to make their marriage stronger. Together they remind us that the goal of marriage is to press into Jesus and accept the differences.

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Your Marriage Today And Tomorrow 2

When Storms Come

Crawford and Karen Loritts remind listeners that all marriages have storms, but those storms don’t have to be the end of hope to those who are anchored in Christ.

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Your Marriage Today And Tomorrow 1

The Common Ground of the Cross

Crawford Loritts and his wife, Karen, reminisce about their courtship and early years of marriage. The Lorittses encourage young couples to link arms with older couples to help them walk through the first years of marriage.

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The Value Of Mentors

The Value of Mentors

Barbara Rainey, Karen Loritts, Mary Kassian, Holly Elliff, and Carolyn McCulley talk about the value of mentoring.

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Ministering To Families In The 21st Century 2

Delivering Truth in Relationships

How do you disciple followers of Christ, when the norms of the culture–not the Bible–define the worldview? Hear some respected pastors and their wives offer their perspective on this challenging topic.

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Ministering To Families In The 21st Century 1

Representing Christ with Grace and Truth

How do you stay true to the gospel, when the cultural winds are blowing against you? Hear some pastors and their wives offer relevant, biblical guidance for being effective communicators of the Gospel.

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True Women Speak Out

True Women Speak Out

If you could have a “do over” in life, what would you want to redo? Barbara Rainey and Karen Loritts comment on the hardest part of living out biblical womanhood in their own lives.

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The Best Gifts For Wives And Husbands 2

Best Gifts for Husbands

What are some of the greatest gifts a wife can give her husband? Crawford Loritts shares some of the most important things a husband needs from his wife.

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The Best Gifts For Wives And Husbands 1

Best Gifts for Wives

Karen Loritts shares some very important things a husband can do for his wife that will make her feel cherished, and will ultimately strengthen their relationship.

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To Love Honor And Cherish

To Love, Honor, and Cherish

According to Crawford and Karen Loritts, when men and women grasp and embrace the Biblical truths of submission and headship, the result brings glory to God and peace to their relationship.

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