Mike and Kim Anderson

Mike and Kim Anderson are the founders of Mike and Kim Coaching and co-creators of two online courses: Stepfamilies that Work! and Stepfamilies that Make It!.  Mike grew up in challenging stepfamily dynamics and then married Kim in 2001, forming their own stepfamily.  They have been coaching and supporting step-couples for over a decade. Their personal experience with stepfamily life and professional coaching background uniquely position them to help couples find success even in challenging circumstances.  In addition, Mike is a certified Life Coach helping individuals reach their goals in family, work and leadership.

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Podcasters and blended family coaching experts Mike & Kim Anderson began marriage fighting for their child's heart eventually galvanizing their marriage. View Show Notes →
What would you do if the night before your wedding one of your children comes to you and says, "Please don't get married tomorrow?" On this episode, Mike and Kim Anderson discuss how they handled that as well as how they dealt with losing their daughter to her biological father's control. View Show Notes →